Lori Townsend, Alaska Public Media

Lori Townsend, Alaska Public Media
Lori Townsend is the chief editor, senior vice president of journalism and senior host for Alaska Public Media. You can send her news tips and program ideas for Talk of Alaska and Alaska Insight at ltownsend@alaskapublic.org or call 907-550-8452. Read more about Lori here.

Celebrating disability pride in 2024 | Talk of Alaska

We speak with disability advocates about their top priorities, and the celebrations ahead, on this Talk of Alaska.
Juneau Fourth of July fireworks

Freedom, Democracy and the Fourth of July | Talk of Alaska

We discuss historical and philosophical context on our democracy and what freedom requires of us all on this next Talk of Alaska.
Juneau Fourth of July fireworks

What does freedom mean to you? We want to know!

Share your ideas for an upcoming Talk of Alaska episode. Your answers may be shared on-air or on our website.

Celebrating World Refugee Day in Alaska | Talk of Alaska

How can communities best help those who have been displaced from their home countries? We discuss welcoming new neighbors on this Talk of Alaska.
Sen. Dan Sullivan and U.S. Surgen General Vivek Murthy sit at a table.

Social media risks for children | Talk of Alaska

Social media can be fun. But it can also be dangerous, especially for children and teenagers. A U.S. surgeon general report found significant links between teen social media use, eating disorders and body dissatisfaction, especially for teen girls. But a bill that would have  banned Alaskans under the age of 14 from social media stalled in the legislature. What controls are appropriate for parents and what do young people think about it? We’ll ask on the next Talk of Alaska.
Unalaska's library

Summer reading with Alaskan authors | Talk of Alaska Rewind

On this Talk of Alaska, we revisit our 2023 conversation with Alaskan authors and librarians to discuss book recommendations for Summer reading.
A sign with an arrow pointing right toward Nesbett Courthouse and an arrow pointing left toward Boney Courthouse.

25 Years of Therapeutic Courts | Talk of Alaska

How well have therapeutic courts like mental health and DUI courts performed in the last 25 years and what will the next 25 look like?
Cannabis plants grow under indoor plant lights.

Marijuana reclassification and taxation | Talk of Alaska

While a bill to lower taxes didn't pass the legislature this year. Industry advocates say reclassification could offer some relief.
Two juxtaposed photos, one of a beluga, and one of a polar bear.

50 years of the Endangered Species Act | Talk of Alaska

The Endangered Species Act is 50 years old and through the decades the Act has helped numerous species recover and thrive.
a smoky fire

Preparing for and preventing wildfires in 2024 | Talk of Alaska

What are the best ways to protect your property and community from fire? We discuss the 2024 wildfire season on this Talk of Alaska.
An analog clock with a black center surrounded by orange stone and with turquoise hands and hour markers reads 3:07.

The correspondence school allotment lawsuit | Talk of Alaska

A Superior court judge recently threw out the laws supporting Alaska’s correspondence education program. Where does the program go from here?
Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy speaks to a microphone.

Governor Dunleavy discusses education funding | Talk of Alaska

What would Alaska's governor agree to for an education spending plan? Governor Dunleavy joins us on this Talk of Alaska.
a person shows texts on her phone

Conducting and analyzing public opinion polls | Talk of Alaska

We hear from people who create polls and those who use them in different campaigns, on this Talk of Alaska.
legislators in a meeting room

Discussing the 2024 legislative session | Talk of Alaska

What is the current tone of debate at the capitol? We talk with reporters covering this year's legislative session on this Talk of Alaska.
The Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage Alaska facility

Cook Inlet gas production and railbelt energy | Talk of Alaska

We discuss the future energy needs for Southcentral Alaskans against diminishing supply on this Talk of Alaska

AI and Alaskan businesses | Talk of Alaska

How can computer learning technology help streamline work and create efficiencies for small businesses and what are the red flags?
a screening

Indigenous representation in popular media | Talk of Alaska

We talk with actors from the Alaska-focused series True Detective: Night Country about indigenous representation on this Talk of Alaska.

Minneapolis held a successful World Cup in February. Could Anchorage be next?

Olympian Kikkan Randall, a commentator for the World Cup's first U.S. cross-country skiing event in 20 years, wants Anchorage to host one.

Developments in child care support | Talk of Alaska

What are elected leaders and businesses doing to address the need for easily-available and affordable child care? We ask advocates on this Talk of Alaska.
A sign in a snowbank covered in snow.

Education funding and outcomes | Talk of Alaska

What is the best way to support students, teachers and schools for Alaska’s future? We discuss educational outcomes and funding on this Talk of Alaska.