Lolita C. Baldor - The Associated Press

Lolita C. Baldor - The Associated Press
soldiers in white uniforms hold a tow rope. They are in bunny boots strapped to skis

Army poised to revamp Alaska forces to prep for Arctic fight

“We’re trying to get to a place where we have Arctic capable forces — forces that can survive and operate in that environment," said Army Secretary Christine Wormuth.
A person wearing blue gloves draws liquid from a vial into a syringe

Pentagon: US troops must get their COVID-19 vaccines ASAP

Military troops must immediately begin to get the COVID-19 vaccine, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in a memo Wednesday, ordering service leaders to “impose ambitious timelines for implementation.”
A man in an army uniform sits in a plane, with another man in uniform standing outside.

Pentagon to require all troops to get COVID-19 vaccine

Members of the U.S. military would be required to have the COVID-19 vaccine beginning Sept. 15, under a plan announced by the Pentagon Monday and endorsed by President Joe Biden.