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Peltola strayed from the ‘pro-choice’ line by mistake, her campaign says

Rep. Mary Peltola's comments on a recent podcast were not what you'd expect a "pro-choice" candidate to say. She misspoke, she says.

Rep. Peltola’s fight for salmon debuts in Resources Committee

A Democratic bill to re-write the Magnuson-Stevens Act and lessen bycatch faces strong headwinds.
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Rep. Peltola joins Alaska senators to champion Willow project

Mary Peltola's signature on a letter promoting a drilling plan in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska could carry weight with Interior Secretary Deb Haaland.
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Disaster response presents an early test for Alaska’s Rep. Peltola

Mary Peltola says she's approaching her new House colleagues about how to fund disaster relief for Western Alaska
A woman in a black suit jacket speaking into a microphone.

Peltola’s campaign gets big financial boost after special election win

Her campaign raked in almost $1.4 million in the 19 days following Election Day, according to her latest campaign finance disclosure report.

Peltola lands a spot on House Resources. Next up: Magnuson-Stevens fisheries bill

New Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola won't always get what she wants, says House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz.
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Peltola’s D.C. hires include Young’s former chief of staff

Alex Ortiz, who was Congressman Don Young’s last chief of staff, will also work in that role for congresswoman-elect Mary Peltola.
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Tomorrow, she becomes Alaska’s Congresswoman. Today, she has a lot to do.

Peltola is drawing an unusual amount of national media attention as the first Alaska Native elected to Congress, and even more because of her special election win over Sarah Palin, a former Alaska governor endorsed by Donald Trump.

For Indigenous Alaskans, congressional election brings flood of emotions, online and off

The election of Yup'ik Mary Peltola brought unexpected tears to some Alaska Native people.
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How to watch the results today of Alaska’s first ranked choice election

The Division of Elections is livestreaming the tabulation on Facebook.
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Peltola goes home to the Kuskokwim, still waiting to hear if she’s the first Alaska Native elected to Congress

Republican Sarah Palin, the former governor and 2008 vice presidential nominee, is in a good position to win the special U.S. House election once the second-choice ballots are counted. But for now, Alaska’s right-wing icon is trailing Peltola by almost 9 percentage points. 
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Peltola gains in Alaska’s updated special U.S. House election results

Democrat Mary Peltola increased her lead in the special U.S. House race. But no second-choice ballots have been counted.

Tara Sweeney ends campaign for U.S. House, opening spot for Libertarian on November ballot

Sweeney had substantial financial support from Alaska Native corporations and their affiliates. But she said she doesn't think she can win.

Peltola has the lead in Alaska’s U.S. House race. Will she keep it?

Alaska Public Media Washington D.C. correspondent Liz Ruskin provides some post-election analysis on Alaska News Nightly.

Peltola leads in Alaska’s U.S. House race, followed by Palin and Begich

The candidates finished in the same order for both the special general and the regular primary.
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Today is Alaska’s first ranked choice election. Here’s what to know.

Tuesday may be the most confusing election in Alaska history. Got questions? We’ve got answers.
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Why Republicans in Alaska’s first ranked choice election reserve their venom for each other

Sarah Palin and Nick Begich are going after each other in the special U.S. House race.
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Congress approves bill to boost US production of computer chips; Sullivan votes no.

Sen. Dan Sullivan was the only member of the Alaska delegation voting this week.
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Alaska voters are welcome to write ‘Tara Sweeney’ on the special election ballot, but here’s why it might not count

Sweeney is campaigning for a full term in Congress. She hasn't ruled out registering as a write-in for the special election.