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House Ethics Committee Extends Probe of Rep. Young

The House Ethics Committee is extending an investigation into possible violations by Rep. Don Young of Alaska. Today’s announcement was the first public confirmation that the ethics panel is probing into Young. The Congressman's office says the investigation centers around donations made to his legal defense fund and whether they exceed the legal limit.

Congress Tackling Long List of Unfinished Business

Congress is returning from its Thanksgiving holiday with only a few weeks left before it adjourns for the year. The Super Committee may have failed, there’s still plenty to work on.

Senators Prepare for More Budget Battles

If the Congressional Super Committee in Washington had reached agreement over how to tackle the federal debt, this week would have been one of announcements and negotiations.

Bill Allen Not Facing Child Sexual Abuse Charges

It looks like the key government witness in the federal corruption case in Alaska will not face charges of child sexual abuse. Deputy Attorney General Richard Svobodny says the case is closed unless someone provides new information or there are federal charges against 74-year-old Bill Allen.

Delegation Reacts to Super Committee’s Failure to Come Up With Debt Reduction Plan

Alaska’s Senators expressed disappointment Monday afternoon at word that the special congressional super committee has given up its attempt to combat the federal debt.

Probe Into Stevens Prosecutors Reveals Concealment But Does Not Call For Charges

A special independent investigator who probed into misconduct by prosecutors in the case of the late Alaska Senator Ted Stevens says they should not face criminal charges. Despite that the investigator found widespread concealment of evidence that could have helped Stevens mount his defense.

Despite Fading Expectations Alaskans Urge Super Committee To ‘Go Big’

Expectations are fading that the Congressional committee tasked with coming up with a budget deal will succeed, but Alaska’s Senators are still encouraging the Joint Selection Committee on Deficit Reduction to “go big” and get something accomplished.

ANWR Hearing Spurs Fiery Remarks

As Congress struggles to find ways to bring down the national debt, Republicans in the House are offering a plan: increase oil and gas production to pay for repairs to America’s highways and jump-start the economy. Part of that includes opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to development. A House Committee held two hearings Friday in Washington on drilling in Alaska. It was a familiar litany of arguments, but also had some fireworks.

UAF Professor Educates Senators About Carbon Dioxide Effects on Fish, Crab

Senators representing states that border America’s oceans heard a warning on Thursday about carbon dioxide and how it could have a deadly effect on valuable fish and crab stocks through ocean acidification. University of Alaska Fairbanks professor Jeremy Mathis was invited to Washington by Sen. Lisa Murkowski to share his research.

Young Speaks on Obama Energy Plan

Alaska Congressman Don Young gave Interior Secretary Ken Salazar a piece of his mind on the Obama Administration’s energy policy Wednesday. Young tried to drive his point home by showing up late into the hearing wearing a beanie on his head. It was topped by a propeller, and sported a pin that said “Obama’s Energy Plan.”

Salazar Defends Offshore Oil, Gas Lease Sale Schedule

Steve Heimel, APRN - Anchorage & Libby Casey, APRN - Washington DC This morning Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is defending the Obama administration's new five-year offshore oil and gas lease sale schedule before the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee.

Judge Sharon Gleason Confirmed by Senate

Alaska will soon get its first female judge appointed to the federal bench in state history. Judge Sharon Gleason was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on Tuesday on a vote of 87 to 8.

Begich Questions Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Bonuses

As police in New York routed the Occupy Wall Street encampment this morning, there are indications that some in Congress have taken notice of the movement. And that includes Alaska Senator Mark Senator Mark Begich is trying to block million-dollar bonuses to the executives at mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Young Faces Criticism for Voting Absence

The U.S. House returned to work Monday after a week-long recess and took up a series of non-controversial votes to name post offices after members of the military, some of whom died in battle. Alaska’s Congressman Don Young was there along with his colleagues, but he’s faced criticism recently for the number of votes he’s missed this year.

Senators Honor Vets, Help Pass Job Legislation

Alaska’s senators honored veterans in Washington on Friday and were part of a successful effort to pass legislation aimed at getting more veterans jobs on Thursday. There are an estimated 240,000 unemployed vets from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Senators Honor America’s Veterans

Alaska’s senators are honoring veterans in Washington on Friday. The Senate’s votes this week prevented them from coming home, but they’re attending events recognizing veterans, and both are launching projects to reach out to Alaska’s men and women who have served.

Senate Passes Veterans Job Bill

On the eve of Veterans Day, the U.S. Senate passed legislation to get veterans more job training, and encourage businesses to hire them. Thursday’s unanimous vote was a rare display of bipartisanship in Congress – and the first piece of President Obama’s jobs package to get approval.

Young Urges Super Committee to Come Up With Sellable Plan

With just two weeks left until the Deficit Reduction Committee must come up with a plan to save over $1 trillion, Alaska’s Representative Don Young is urging it to go big. Young signed on to a bipartisan letter last week calling for the so-called Super Committee to come up with a sellable plan.

Arctic Oil, Gas Lease Sales Gets Tentative Go Ahead

The Obama Administration is giving a tentative green-light to oil and gas lease sales in the Arctic as part of its new five year plan. The Interior Department unveiled on Tuesday its leasing proposal that stretches to 2017.

Begich Frustrated Over Lack of Gas Line Project Progress

Senator Mark Begich cited his frustration at the lack of progress on getting an Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline built as he introduced legislation on Monday in Washington.