Lex Treinen, Alaska Public Media - Anchorage

Lex Treinen, Alaska Public Media - Anchorage
Lex Treinen is covering the state Legislature for Alaska Public Media. Reach him at ltreinen@gmail.com.
An aerial view of some ice at the sea with a bunch of snow machines around and people pulling a whale out of trhe water

For Alaska Rep. Josiah Patkotak, whaling ‘rises above all’ 

Longtime legislators say Patkotak’s whaling during the legislative session might be a first in the body’s history.
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Alaska Legislature passes budget with $1,300 PFD and boost to school funding

The House and Senate came to an agreement late in the day Thursday, the first day of the special session.
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Alaska Legislature ends regular session without a budget

The House voted to adjourn without hearing the Senate’s budget that had a $1,300 PFD. A special session starts Thursday.
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Senate fails to pass budget Tuesday, leaving narrow window for a deal during the regular session

The Senate adjourned on Tuesday afternoon without passing a budget bill for the House to consider.
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Alaska Legislature unanimously passes bill requiring IDs for people leaving prisons

The bill would make identifications issued by the Department of Corrections serve as legal IDs.
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Alaska Legislature remains gridlocked over PFDs, with time running out in regular session

Alaska Public Media's Legislative reporter Lex Treinen has been following the action — or inaction — over the budget. He said the sticking point continues to be the size of the Permanent Fund dividend.
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Last-ditch effort to advance LGBTQ protection bill fails in Alaska House

Despite a last-minute push by LGBTQ veterans and teenagers, the bill remains stalled in the House Judiciary Committee.
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Alaska House passes bill to increase jail time for fentanyl and other drug crimes

The bill faced pushback from critics about the efficacy of stricter sentences.
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Legislature narrowly votes down Dunleavy’s University of Alaska Board of Regents nominee

Sen. Löki Tobin was among those opposed to Bethany Marcum's nomination. “Ms. Marcum has shown that she cannot uphold the public trust,” Tobin said.
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Alaska Senate passes bill allowing involuntary psychiatric commitments of up to 2 years

The bill, which was significantly watered down from its original form, was criticized by civil rights advocates.
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People could only own one short-term rental unit in Alaska under new House bill

They would also have to register it with the state. The bill aims to boost availability of housing.
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Overwhelmed Alaska agency says it can no longer assign public guardians for incapacitated people

The Office of Public Advocacy says it is in “triage mode” because it can't train new workers fast enough to keep up with attrition and high workload.
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With 20 days left in the session, Alaska governor and legislative leaders say they’re optimistic about budget and fiscal plans

Despite deep divides over the size of the PFD, the governor said there could be some “good news” before the end of the session about a fiscal plan.
Bert Stedman

Senate proposes one-time $680 increase to per-student funding paired with $1,300 PFD

Senate finance leaders hope to put the proposal to a vote of the full Senate next week, but it will have to be reconciled with the House version.
the Alaska State Capitol

State sales or income tax? As Alaska lawmakers consider proposals, economists weigh in

Sales taxes tend to hurt lower income Alaskans more than progressive income taxes, but economists say there are ways to mitigate the harm.
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Jet, who always knows where she’s going

Wade Marrs says this will be the last Iditarod for his longtime leader Jet.
A musher drives a sled

From snow hooks to alarm clocks: Here’s what 5 Iditarod mushers say they’ve lost along the trail

Mushers have a lot to keep track of on the trail and sometimes leave things behind.
A man with curly hair in a parka with a fur ruff

Eddie Burke Jr. wins Iditarod Rookie of the Year

The former amateur boxer and garbage truck driver had the best rookie finish since Jessie Holmes in 2018, finishing in seventh place.
a musher behind a dog team

Kaiser and Diehl round out ‘almost unheard of’ all Alaska Native Iditarod podium

After Ryan Redington’s win, Richie Diehl and Pete Kaiser say they’re showing that rural mushing isn’t dying.
a man smiles at finish line

Redington notches family’s first Iditarod victory, a childhood dream

The grandson of the “Father of the Iditarod” won his first Iditarod Tuesday on his 16th try.