Lauren Rosenthal, APRN Contributor


Lego To Break Off Branding Agreement With Shell Oil

Shell Oil might be known for selling fuel, but their logo isn’t limited to gas stations. They’ve also appeared on Lego toy sets for the last 50 years under a unique marketing agreement. But that’s breaking down under pressure from environmentalists. Download Audio

False Pass Forges Ahead With Tidal Power

The 40-odd residents of False Pass have waited years to find out if their turbulent seas could ever be used as a source of energy. And they may finally have an answer -- and a path to renewable power. Download Audio

American Seafoods Settles Over Scale Tampering

A Seattle-based seafood company accused of stealing groundfish from the Bering Sea has agreed to pay up. Download Audio

Governor’s Race Brings Walker To Unalaska

With less than a month until Election Day, the race to become Alaska’s next governor is heating up. Independent candidate Bill Walker and his Democrat running mate are canvassing the state for votes – all the way out to the Aleutians. Download Audio

Aleutian Towns Struggle to Retain Safety Officers

Two Aleutian communities are going without local law enforcement after their village public safety officers resigned. Download Audio:

Shell Sketches Plans for Arctic Drilling in 2015

Shell Oil took its first step toward returning to the Arctic on Thursday morning. The company filed a new plan to explore the Chukchi Sea with federal regulators in Anchorage. Download Audio:

Scientists Check Up On Nuc Site Rattled By Summer Quake

A team of scientists is descending on a former nuclear test site in the Aleutians on Monday to search for damage from a massive earthquake. Download Audio:

New Book Casts Spotlight on Traditional Foods In Aleutians/Pribilofs

From sweet Russian tea to fermented fur seal flipper, the traditional diet in the Aleutians and Pribilofs has always been pretty varied. Food has been a crucial part of the Unangan culture for centuries. But in the Aleutian and Pribilof islands, people are relying less on the land and sea and more on their local store. A new cookbook captures the legacy of subsistence foods in the region. Listen now:

Alaska Seafood Industry Asks For Retaliatory Ban on Russian Imports

It’s been two weeks since Russia banned imports of American food products into its country. Now, Alaska’s seafood industry is asking the U.S. government to strike back. Download Audio:

Russia’s Import Ban Hits Alaskan Seafood Industry

Alaska's seafood industry is getting caught in the middle of a power struggle between Russia and western nations. Ever since Russia seized part of Ukraine this winter, sanctions against it have been stacking up. Now, Russia's fighting back by banning food imports from the United States and a handful of other countries.

Westward Plant Workers Face Air Pollution Charges

The Westward Seafoods plant is tucked away on Captains Bay Road. But the factory -- and two of its former employees -- are drawing heat from federal regulators for allegedly violating the Clean Air Act. Listen now:

Conservationists Line Up For Izembek Lawsuit

When the Interior Department axed a proposal last winter to build a gravel road through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge, conservation groups cheered. Download Audio

Pollock Fleet Sees Spike in Squid Bycatch

While salmon is still the main species that pollock fishermen are trying to avoid taking as bycatch this summer, there’s another creature that’s been causing problems in the Bering Sea. Download Audio

ASRC Gets Option To Buy Into Offshore Chukchi Drilling Operations

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation and a handful of North Slope village corporations now have the option to buy into offshore drilling operations in the Chukchi Sea. It’s part of a new agreement with Shell Oil. But with the future of that company’s Arctic operations up in the air, the deal raises more questions than answers. Download Audio

Arctic Climate Researchers Zoom in on Plankton

They’re not recognizable like polar bears or whales. But phytoplankton are a key part of life in the Arctic – and now, they’re at the center of a new research effort to predict how the region will respond to climate change. Download Audio

Atka Camp Serves Up Subsistence Lessons

A pop-up subsistence school has opened in a remote corner of the Aleutians. Atka’s second-annual culture camp is meant to keep Unangan traditions going strong. Download Audio

State Seeks to Join Izembek Lawsuit

The State of Alaska has tried to back up the village of King Cove on their quest to build a road through protected wilderness. Now, the state’s prepared to follow them into court. Download Audio

Human Remains Discovered On Adak

State troopers believe that a set of human remains found on Adak this month are those of a long-lost camper. Download Audio

Public Comment Begins For Sea Lion Protections

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is opening public comment on a plan to relax Steller sea lion protections and allow more commercial fishing in the western Aleutian Islands. Download Audio

As Pollock Season Begins, Bycatch Debate Looms

As the Bering Sea's largest fishery opened on Tuesday, pollock fishermen were looking forward to a strong B season. They were also wading through a tide of criticism from rural users, who believe the industry's catching too much salmon.