Lauren Rosenthal, APRN Contributor


Aleutian Sanctuary Proposal Stalls Out

The federal government has turned down a request to create a vast marine reserve around the Aleutian Islands. Download Audio

Bering Sea Pollock Fishery Casts Off

The Bering Sea’s largest fishery opened up on Tuesday afternoon. Pollock crews are gearing up for a potential increase in their harvest -- while still keeping an open mind about what the winter has in store. Download Audio

Plunging Oil Prices Cast Doubt on Arctic Drilling

As oil prices continue to plummet, some corporations are scaling back on expensive exploration projects -- like drilling in Arctic waters. But, one company with a major stake in the region has yet to tip its hand. Download Audio

Adak Fish Plant Seeks Additional Operators

The community of Adak depends on its fish processing plant for jobs and tax revenue. But they’ve struggled to keep the lights on over the years. Now, the plant’s latest operator is looking for new partners to help shoulder the financial burden. Download Audio

Aleut Enterprise To Pay Over $1 Million In Adak Fuel Spill Settlement

Aleut Enterprise will pay more than $1 million to settle criminal charges and cover damages from a fuel spill on Adak. Download Audio

New Campaign Hoping to Increase Conservation in Aleutians

The waters around the Aleutian Islands support a dizzying range of wildlife -- and major industries right along with it. Right now, the government’s job is to help find a balance. But there’s a new campaign to permanently tip the scales toward conservation in the Aleutian Chain.

As Federal Case Proceeds, State Drops Charges Against Dutch Harbor Asia Owners

State prosecutors have dropped their case against two Unalaskans accused of running a major drug operation out of their home and business. Now, it's up to a federal court to determine the outcome. Download Audio

AK: Exploding History (Archive)

It’s been more than 70 years since Unalaska came under attack during World War II, but you don’t have to look hard to find the remnants. The community is littered with old gunnery installations, battered Quonset huts and bunkers – some of which are being preserved for posterity. But there’s history, and then there’s hazard, and the shells and bombs that keep washing up on Unalaska’s shores fall somewhere in between. Download Audio

No White Christmas in the Aleutians?

Winter usually has a different feel in Unalaska compared to the rest of the state. The days aren’t as short, and the temperatures are nowhere near as cold. But as Alaska faces yet another year of below-average snowfall, the Aleutians are beginning to look a lot less exceptional.

Interior Dept. Appoints New Leader for Offshore Energy

The federal agency that regulates offshore oil drilling is about to get a new leader. Abigail Hopper has been named director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, according to a report from FuelFix.

For Better Storm Warnings, NWS Goes Local

Predicting storms in a fast-changing environment isn’t easy. But the National Weather Service is slowly working on a plan to improve their forecasts in Alaska -- and across the country -- by adding in the view from the ground. Download Audio

Horizon Lines to Sell Alaska Operations

After years of financial trouble, Horizon Lines has announced plans to sell off its routes in Alaska and Hawaii. Download Audio

Worst of Bering Sea Storm Over for Aleutian Island Residents

A potent low-pressure system is quickly losing power over the Bering Sea. From the western Aleutian Islands to the Pribilofs, National Weather Service meteorologist Shaun Baines says "everybody has seen the worst of it."

Bering Sea Storm Expected To Lose Power Quickly

After a week of warnings, a heavy-duty storm washed into the Bering Sea early this morning. Hurricane-force winds smacked the far western Aleutian Islands. And while the storm has disturbed life at sea, it’s expected to start losing power fast. Download Audio

Bering Sea Communities Brace For High-Powered Storm

The Aleutian and Pribilof Islands are no stranger to strong winds and rough seas. And that’s exactly what they can expect Friday night, when a high-powered storm hits the Bering Sea. Communities are gearing up to face the historic front. Download Audio

Faced With Min. Wage Hike, Seafood Plants See Room to Cut

Alaska's minimum wage initiative flew mostly under the radar this fall, overshadowed by high-profile Congressional races. But ballot measure three proposes a big change to state's minimum wage structure -- increasing it by two dollars over the next two years, to $9.75 an hour. After that, it would be adjusted for inflation. In Unalaska, at least 83 percent of voters supported that plan. The seafood industry -- which is the biggest source of minimum wage jobs in Unalaska -- didn't expect anything less. Download Audio

Massive Typhoon Bears Down on Aleutian Islands

An Alaska-sized storm could bring high winds and destructive waves to the Aleutian and Pribilof islands this weekend. Download Audio

Unalaska Youth Take Part In National Community Planning Month

Laying out neighborhoods isn’t the world’s most glamorous job. But every October, urban planners make an extra effort to get people interested in that work for National Community Planning Month. In Unalaska, that meant helping some of the town’s youngest residents design a world all their own. Download Audio

Unalaska Holds On As America’s Top Fishing Port

The port of Dutch Harbor will hang onto its title as the nation’s busiest fishing port for another year. Download Audio

Shell Oil Asks Regulators For More Time On Beaufort, Chukchi Leases

Shell Oil has spent the better part of a decade – and more than $6 billion – trying to explore prospects in the Alaskan Arctic, but they have little to show for it. Now that the clock is ticking down on their oil leases in the Beaufort and Chukchi Sea, Shell is asking regulators for more time. Download Audio