Laurelin Kruse, KUCB-Unalaska

Laurelin Kruse, KUCB-Unalaska
men in hard hats stand around a machine on a boat

An international team of scientists is mapping out life in the deep Bering Sea

Scientists from 12 countries are conducting research on the AleutBio expedition, an initiative to map deep sea biodiversity in the eastern Bering Sea and the Aleutian Trench.
A large, rusty anchor

Cargo ship snags very old anchor in Bristol Bay

Now someone in Unalaska has to figure out when and where that anchor came from, and how to preserve it.
A ship in the water

Ship begins laying cable that will bring high-speed internet to the Aleutians

“What you will get in Unalaska is what you would get here in Anchorage,” said GCI Rural Affairs Director Jen Nelson.
A teenager in an orange flight suit stands in front of a small plane

Youngest pilot to attempt solo flight around the world lands in Unalaska

Mack Rutherford, 17, landed Monday in Unalaska in his Shark ultralight plane.