Krysti Shallenberger, Alaska's Energy Desk - Bethel

Krysti Shallenberger, Alaska's Energy Desk - Bethel

Calista, Doyon deny rumors they are poised to exit AFN

Calista Corporation has reaffirmed its Alaska Federation of Natives membership in response to a caller on a Feb. 28 KYUK talk show who claimed that Calista had pulled out of the organization.

Grant Aviation files suit against company that manages air traffic at Bethel

Grant Aviation is suing the company that runs air traffic control at Bethel’s airport, claiming the company is responsible for a July plane crash.

‘This is their shot’: BLM asks community for input on mercury mine clean-up plans

The Red Devil mercury mine used to be the largest in the state. But once it was no longer profitable, the owners walked away, leaving behind a toxic mess for someone else to clean up.

In the YK Delta, a murder acquittal gives one young man his life back, while miles away, a mother grieves her son

Adam Williams, the young man who shot and Eliza Wassillie’s son in 2017, was acquitted on murder charges. She is still looking for justice.

The longest ever ice road has been plowed on the Kuskokwim River, from Tuntutuliak to Sleetmute

For the first time ever, the ice road on the frozen Kuskokwim River has been plowed to Sleetmute, a village north of Bethel.
An Alaska State Trooper cruiser parked on Nome’s Front Street in January 2015.

Passengers who died in Yute crash near Tuntutuliak have been identified

The plane, operated by Yute Commuter Service, was found crashed 11 miles southwest of Tuntutuliak.

Tuntutuliak removed all its 28 stray dogs and put them up for adoption

In January, one village in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta removed all its stray dogs with the help of two nonprofits, including Bethel Friends of Canines. It took a lot of planning to ensure that the ambitious effort was a success.

Cabs in Bethel, a destination for medical appointments, are refusing to take Medicaid vouchers

Taxis are a main form of transportation to and from medical appointments for people who travel to Bethel for healthcare, but cab companies in Bethel have decided to stop accepting Medicaid vouchers for payment.

Federal government releases plan to clean up Alaska mercury mine abandoned decades ago

The Red Devil mercury mine permanently closed in 1971 after the price of ore fell and the owners walked away, leaving it up to the state and federal governments to clean up the site.

Andrea Gusty carries on legacy of female Y-K Delta leaders in new CEO role

The Kuskokwim Corporation, which represents 10 villages in the Middle Kuskokwim River area, has a new CEO. Andrea Gusty, who stepped into the role on Feb. 6, grew up in Aniak, one of those villages.
A treed flat area

State approves pipeline lease for Donlin Gold, another step toward building the mine in Southwest Alaska

The state of Alaska approved a right-of-way lease for Donlin Gold’s proposed 315-mile gas pipeline on Jan. 17. The lease is an important step forward in the company’s quest to build the Donlin Gold Mine, which could be one of the largest in the world if completed.

VPSO working group sends final recommendations to legislature

There was only one substantive change to the recommendations: the working group now recommends keeping unfunded mandates for the VPSO program because of the state budget shortage.

Want to buy pot in Bethel? You finally can, at ALASKAbuds.

ALASKAbuds may be the first marijuana store opening in Bethel, but it won’t have the field to itself for long. Two other marijuana shops are in the process of going through the bureaucratic hoops in order to open.

Kaiser father and son take to the trails for K300 race weekend

Bethel is gearing up for a big sled dog racing weekend as top-tier mushers from around the state arrive to compete in the Kuskowkim 300.

In Bethel, 2019 was the warmest year on record

Despite the cold stretch that brought the year to an end, 2019 is the warmest year on record for Bethel.
A boxy building covered with snow

Legislative working group recommends clarifying VPSO role

First on the list is to revise the state statute that details what the Village Public Safety Officer program is supposed to do.
A gravel road in a treed area

Donlin Gold receives more state permits, moving closer to operating mine in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta

The permits will allow Donlin to build an airstrip and a port, and install fiber optic cables and build access roads for its mine, which could be one of the biggest in the world, if completed.

More resources on tap for Y-K Delta law enforcement

After visiting rural Alaska in May, U.S. Attorney General William Barr declared a public safety law enforcement emergency nd the results, Liedike said, were almost immediate.

Donlin mine enjoyed years of support in Southwest Alaska, but as the project becomes more real, that’s changing

For the last two decades, mining companies have been working to develop the massive Donlin Gold prospect in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. And most of that time, the development has claimed support from neighboring communities. But that’s changing. Tribes, organizations, and communities have begun opposing the mine development and organizing.

With more holes than usual in Kuskokwim River ice near Bethel, Search and Rescue issues safety warning

Last year at this time there was only one hole nine miles from Bethel. This year there are four open holes close to the community.