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marine debris

More marine debris cleanup projects coming to Alaska

Programs aimed at cleaning up marine debris in Alaska are getting a funding boost from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
the Valdez Marine Terminal

New report details wide-ranging safety concerns at Valdez Marine Terminal

A sweeping 180-page report details a variety of safety concerns at the Valdez Marine Terminal, many of them reported by employees.
the Kodiak Jail

Kodiak corrections officer charged with sexually assaulting female inmate

Fredrick Fangonilo was arrested and charged Wednesday with third-degree sexual assault in the March 2022 incident.
a Bering Sea crab

10 billion snow crabs disappeared from the Bering Sea. Scientists and fishermen are working to learn why.

Such a large, sudden die-off and a lack of sea ice were a red flag for scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Lisa Murkowski giving a remote address

Murkowski, Peltola tell ComFish more needs to be done about ‘crisis’ levels of species decline

The lawmakers discussed the challenges faced by Alaska’s fishermen in a remote address to Kodiak’s annual commercial fishing trade show.
Interior: a CPR dummy rests on the ground as volunteers prepare to practice administering Narcan.

Narcan trainings new to Kodiak’s ComFish trade show schedule

Daily forums aimed at identifying and stopping an opioid overdose will include instructions on how to use the overdose-reversing drug.

Rough weather delays Kodiak barge deliveries, leaving grocery shelves bare

Grocery store shelves in Kodiak were bare this weekend after rough weather delayed food deliveries to the island.
a failed Kodiak rocket launch

Cleanup continues at Kodiak spaceport after January rocket crash

ABL Space Systems is still investigating the crash, but says the rocket rose more than 700 feet before its engines shut down 11 seconds after launch.
Kodiak crabbing boats

After a highly anticipated start, Kodiak’s Tanner crab season is almost over

Kodiak’s Tanner crab season started two weeks late, after the entire fleet refused to go fishing because of low prices from local processors.
a 19th-century kayak

Kodiak museum now owns rare 19th-century kayak

Harvard University's Peabody Museum transferred ownership of the kayak to the Alutiiq Museum, where it has been displayed on loan since 2016.
St. Herman Harbor

Kodiak eyes overhaul of its biggest boat harbor

Among the City of Kodiak’s top priorities – and biggest expenses – are $40 million worth of repairs for its biggest harbor.
boats in a harbor

After a 2-week stand-down, Kodiak’s Tanner crab strike is over

After two weeks of staying at the dock, Kodiak’s Tanner crab fleet is finally going fishing after crews and processors agreed on a price.
Kodiak fishing vessels

Kodiak’s Tanner crab fleet stand-down still strong a week in

Kodiak crabbers voted Sunday to press pause on the Tanner crab season altogether until they get a price from canneries they think is fair.
boats in a harbor

Kodiak fishermen sit out opener as dispute over crab prices continues

Fishermen should have been setting their gear on Sunday morning for the opening of Kodiak’s biggest Tanner crab fishery since 1986. But the boat harbor was almost full – dozens of vessels were stacked high with empty crab pots. At the coffee shop downtown right near the docks, fishermen lined up for free coffee instead.  
a Kodiak crab boat

Kodiak’s tanner crab fishery is set to open Sunday. But the fishermen aren’t going out.

Fishermen say they won’t go fishing for the prices offered by local canneries, amid a winter fishing season already hit by closures and strikes.
a crashed Kodiak rocket

Kodiak rocket crashes at spaceport after launch

A spokesperson for ABL Space Systems said no injuries were reported in the crash, and that "fires have subsided" at the Kodiak Pacific Spaceport.
Kodiak's airport

Kodiak cancels school basketball tournament, dance team trip after travel disruptions

A popular Kodiak community Facebook group was filled with posts from fellow travelers trying to figure out how to get on and off the island. 
a boat with buoys on the side

Nearly 3 years after deadly sinking, debris from the Scandies Rose finds its way to a family in Kodiak

“When I touched those buoys it was like getting a hug from my brother," said Gerry Cobban Knagin.
a group of people gather outside, in front of a snowy mountain

Appeal denied for man convicted of killing 2 Coast Guard coworkers in Kodiak

James Wells was sentenced to life in federal prison for the 2012 murders of Petty Officer First Class James Hopkins and retired Chief Rich Belisle.