Kelsey Gobroski, KTOO - Juneau

Kelsey Gobroski, KTOO - Juneau

Fish & Wildlife To Survey WWII Debris, Contamination On Attu

Attu Island is overdue for some spring cleaning. Seventy years after World War II, the island is still littered with shards of old Coke bottles, lead-based batteries, leaking fuel drums and unexploded artillery.

Juneau Youth Draws Attention Of John F. Kennedy Center

Eight-year-old violinists and arts in Juneau schools have drawn the John F. Kennedy Center to the capital city. Representatives from the nation’s performing arts center are scoping out Juneau as a finalist for the Any Given Child program. It honors communities that provide high quality arts education to all children.

More Healthy, Local Foods Coming To Juneau Schools

Salmon and halibut on a school lunch menu? It’s been happening across Alaska as schools look for healthier and more local foods for kids.

UAF Science “Geeks” Make Science Interesting

It can be difficult for scientists to show other people why they love what they love, because it's hard to translate science. But when they find the connection to everyday life, scientists and writers can keep people engaged in the world around them. Two science geeks at the University of Alaska Fairbanks use anecdotes to keep their audiences hooked.

AK: Hibernation

Many mammals across Alaska are waking up from their long winter’s nap. But exactly how they get in and out of hibernation is still a mystery. A scientist at University of Alaska Fairbanks thinks unlocking the secrets of hibernation could help benefit human health in the future.