Kaysie Ellingson

Kaysie Ellingson got her start as a video producer while attending the University of Southern California for her Master’s Degree in journalism. What started out as a pursuit to become an international reporter for papers became a desire to produce documentaries.While at USC she took on many video projects ranging from various freelancing gigs to starting a web series, ClefCity, where viewers could catch interviews with popular (not mainstream) musicians. But it was her work at IMPACT, the university’s video newsmagazine, that had the heaviest hand in propelling her into video production. She graduated in May 2014 and having never been to Alaska, moved up in the winter of 2015 to work at Alaska Public Media as a video producer.One random bit of information is that prior to graduate school Ellingson worked as a Peace Corps volunteer teaching English in Kazakhstan. Some of her fondest memories involve drinking fermented horse milk, testing out how many people can actually fit into a car and of course entertaining her students with her horrible Kazakh speaking skills. She hopes to return someday soon. In the meantime she is enjoying the similar climate of Alaska.Kellingson (at) alaskapublic (dot) org | 907.550.8419 | About Kaysie

RUNNING Highlights | School Board, Seat A

Video highlights from 2016 Anchorage School Board Running Program, with candidates vying for Seat A.


Bettye Davis and Brent Hughes run for Seat A of the Anchorage School Board.

RUNNING Highlights | Assembly Seat A, Eagle River / Chugiak

Two minute highlight reel of Amy Demboski and Nicholas Begich III vying for seat A in the assembly, serving the Eagle River and Chugiak area of Anchorage.

ANCHORAGE ASSEMBLY | Seat J, South Anchorage

Mark Schimscheimer, Treg Taylor and John Weddleton compete for Seat J of the Anchorage Assembly, serving South Anchorage.

ANCHORAGE ASSEMBLY | Seat H, East Anchorage

Forrest Dunbar and Terre Gales run for Seat H in the Anchorage Assembly, serving East Anchorage.

ANCHORAGE ASSEMBLY | Seat F, Midtown Anchorage

Ronald Alleva and incumbent Assemblyman, Dick Traini run for Seat F in the Anchorage Assembly.

ANCHORAGE ASSEMBLY | Seat D, West Anchorage

Eric Croft, Dustin Darden, Ira Perman and Adam Trombley run for Seat D in the Anchorage Assembly.

ANCHORAGE ASSEMBLY | Seat A, Eagle River / Chugiak

Nicholas Begich III and Amy Demboski run for Seat A of the Anchorage Assembly.


Starr Marsett, David Nees and Kay Ellen Schuster compete for Seat B in the Anchorage School Board.

School Board | Seat A

Bettye Davis and Brent Hughes compete for Seat A in the Anchorage School Board.
Mouhcine Guettabi discusses the legislative session on Alaska Edition.

Legislative Update

Alaska's legislative session is underway. Alaska Edition host, Ellen Lockyer, checks in on some of the big news actions. Listen Now: