Kaysie Ellingson

Kaysie Ellingson
Kaysie Ellingson got her start as a video producer while attending the University of Southern California for her Master’s Degree in journalism. What started out as a pursuit to become an international reporter for papers became a desire to produce documentaries.While at USC she took on many video projects ranging from various freelancing gigs to starting a web series, ClefCity, where viewers could catch interviews with popular (not mainstream) musicians. But it was her work at IMPACT, the university’s video newsmagazine, that had the heaviest hand in propelling her into video production. She graduated in May 2014 and having never been to Alaska, moved up in the winter of 2015 to work at Alaska Public Media as a video producer.One random bit of information is that prior to graduate school Ellingson worked as a Peace Corps volunteer teaching English in Kazakhstan. Some of her fondest memories involve drinking fermented horse milk, testing out how many people can actually fit into a car and of course entertaining her students with her horrible Kazakh speaking skills. She hopes to return someday soon. In the meantime she is enjoying the similar climate of Alaska.Kellingson (at) alaskapublic (dot) org | 907.550.8419 | About Kaysie
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INDIE ALASKA: Life at a Remote Research Camp

What's it like to unplug from society and live at a remote research camp in Alaska for a summer? These five researchers take us through the day-to-day life on the shoreline of Tutakoke river in the YK Delta.

Running Schedule: 2016 Primary Elections, House and Senate

Television schedule for 2016 primary election Running program.

I’m an Underground Explorer | INDIE ALASKA

When Brian Weed was 12 years old, the Treadwell Mine was his playground. Nowadays everything off-trail in Southeast Alaska is his playground. Brian and his team of explorers spend their free time roaming the outdoors in search of clues to Alaska's history and of course adventure.

We Are Super Cub Pilots | INDIE ALASKA

Each year pilots from around the state show off their piloting chops in the Valdez fly-in short takeoff and landing competition. For these pilots flying isn't just means of transportation, it's a way of life. These skills aren't just used for bragging rights, they're essential for flying in Alaska--whether they're landing on a remote beach or taking off of a glacier. Meet four talented pilots with one big thing in common, their love of flying their super cub plane.

Reporter’s roundtable: Crime rates in Alaska

On this week's Alaska Edition, Zachariah Hughes sits down with reporters to take a look at crime rates around Alaska and discusses certain trends that may be indicative of deeper issues.

Reporter’s roundtable: Liquor stores, detox centers and marijuana

Bethel saw the opening of its first liquor store since the 1970s. Opioid detox centers were a hot topic in the headlines this week. And as always, the struggle behind commercial marijuana continues throughout the state. On this week's Alaska Edition, we go behind the headlines with a group of reporters covering stories on drugs and alcohol.
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I am an Ice Climber | INDIE ALASKA

John Giraldo constantly sets his sights on new heights. Nothing can stop him...not even a wall of ice. Since his teenage years he's been perfecting the art of climbing. His passion for conquering some of Alaska's highest peaks, has given him the vantage point only few in the world get a chance to see firsthand.

49 Voices: Indie Alaska Viewers in Anchorage

This week, 49 voices heads to the Bear Tooth Theater in Anchorage, where Alaska Public Media's Indie Alaska program held a screening last week and made a short movie with Alaskans willing to answer a few questions in front of the camera. Download Audio
Cannabis Plant. (Photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

The future of the pot business in AK

This week on Alaska Edition, we are discussing the pot industry in the state. Listen Now:

RUNNING Highlights | Assembly Seat D, West Anchorage

Highlight reel of candidates running for Anchorage assembly seat D, serving West Anchorage.

RUNNING | Four Candidate Format

Four candidate show format for Running Program.

RUNNING | Three Candidate Format

Three candidate format for Running Program.

RUNNING | Two Candidate Format

Two candidate format for Running Program.

RUNNING Highlights | Assembly Seat H, East Anchorage

Get to know your assembly candidates for East Anchorage in this highlight of RUNNING.

RUNNING Highlights | Assembly Seat J, South Anchorage

Highlight reel of candidates running for Anchorage assembly seat J, serving South Anchorage.

RUNNING Highlights | Assembly Seat F, Midtown Anchorage

Highlights from the Assembly Running Program featuring candidates vying for seat F.


Starr Marsett, David Nees and Kay Ellen Schuster run for Seat B on the Anchorage School Board.

RUNNING Highlights | School Board, Seat B

Video highlights from 2016 Anchorage School Board Running Program, with candidates vying for Seat B.