Kayla Desroches, KMXT - Kodiak

Kayla Deroches is a reporter at KMXT in Kodiak.

Arctic nations tour microgrids, exchange green energy knowledge

A program is leading representatives of Arctic nations to Alaska, Canada, Iceland and Greenland to look at the microgrids in remote communities. Listen now

Family returns to Kodiak after 10 years sailing around the world

This summer, a couple returned to the City of Kodiak after roughly 10 years of sailing the world. Mike Litzow and Alisa Abookire raised two sons while living a seafaring nomadic lifestyle. Listen now

Kodiak College nursing program adapts to hospital policy change

Kodiak College, which is part of the University of Alaska Anchorage, will soon make a bachelor’s degree the go-to for aspiring nurses. Listen now

Terror Lake hydroelectric project expansion gets the go-ahead

The Kodiak Electric Association received a permit to start its Terror Lake Hydroelectric Project expansion, which would increase the lake’s clean energy production. Listen now

Groups conserve habitat on Afognak Island

An initiative to conserve one coastal habitat in the Kodiak Archipelago is now complete. The Thorsheim drainage on Afognak Island includes almost 2,000 acres of natural habitat. It’s now safe from development and tree harvest. Listen now

Kodiak Island looks at internet solutions for island communities

The City of Kodiak has easy access to internet compared to many other rural locations in the state, but Kodiak Island’s village communities are struggling. Village residents, local Native corporations and community partners are trying to figure out how to bridge the digital gap. Listen now

Sun’aq wins grant to study invasive species’ effect on subsistence resources

What kind of threat do invasive crayfish in Alaska pose to subsistence resources? That’s a question the Sun’aq Tribe won a grant to study. Listen now

State Sen. Gary Stevens files to run for lieutenant governor

Longtime Kodiak resident Republican state Sen. Gary Stevens will run for lieutenant governor in 2018. Listen now

Test missile launches from Kodiak

The Alaska Aerospace Corporation just completed its second missile test of the summer as part of its partnership with the U.S. Missile Defense Agency. Listen now

Afognak Island elk study looks at balancing logging with game management

A study of elk and bears on an island in the Kodiak Archipelago will try to help balance game management and logging. Listen now

Coast Guard works together with mariners on Kodiak rescue

A Good Samaritan vessel and a Coast Guard aircrew rescued four fishermen in Kodiak waters on Monday. Listen now

Pink salmon season forecast looks positive

It looks like numbers at this early point in the pink salmon season are settling back into a normal pattern for the Kodiak region. Listen now

Kodiak Pacific Spaceport Complex participates in missile defense test

Kodiak Island’s rocket launch facility was one of the players in a missile defense test this week. Listen now
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Remains of two people missing in Marmot Bay found and identified

The remains of the two people missing in Marmot Bay have been located. Listen now

Low tide reveals Alutiiq fishing method in Kodiak

A Kodiak archaeologist said there may be the remains of a historic Alutiiq fish trap on the north end of Kodiak Island. He said those types of man-made formations are rare to discover in the region. Listen now

Chiniak replanting begins

Foresters began replanting the scorched areas of Chiniak on Friday.

Healthcare questions dominate Sen. Dan Sullivan town hall

Republican Senator Dan Sullivan held a town hall in the city of Kodiak Saturday and attracted a sizable crowd. He dedicated the bulk of the meeting to the public’s questions, and most focused on healthcare.

Study looks at climate change’s effects on Kodiak berries, wildlife

“We really don’t know when the problem started and whether it was a long-term situation this winter, but the bottom line is that it appears that salmonberry and blueberry were affected by the amount of cold and the depth of cold that we had that killed the winter buds and killed the above-ground stems of those plants,” Pyle said.

Warmer Kodiak seasons mean more fruit

Summer is fast approaching, which means Kodiak gardeners are looking forward to crops of kale and other hardy greens – and also fruit. The last few years of warm weather means that more apples and even pears have popped up around town. Listen now

Forum addresses Kodiak food systems

How do locals get good food when the produce shipped up from the Lower 48 is often so expensive and not so fresh? It’s an issue of concern for rural areas across the state. Listen now