Kavitha George, KMXT - Kodiak

Kavitha George, KMXT - Kodiak

Seasonal cannery worker tests positive for COVID-19 in Cordova

The individual, who was asymptomatic, tested positive during a routine health screening while in a quarantine facility provided by the cannery.

Alaska Municipal League predicts up to $250M hit to local government revenues

While CARES Act funding is expected to offset some of the losses, it is unclear exactly what the money can be used for.
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Kodiak Island has its first case of coronavirus

A first case of COVID-19 was confirmed on Kodiak Island Wednesday afternoon. According to a press release from the Kodiak Area Emergency Services Organization, “The individual is not acutely ill and is staying at home.”

Astra CEO is keeping expectations low for upcoming rocket challenge launched out of Kodiak

The launch is a part of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Launch Challenge to place satellites in low Earth orbit, twice, within a two-week time frame.

Nearly one year without a firm contract, Kodiak medical workers’ union votes to authorize a strike

A medical employees union in Kodiak has been working without a signed contract for nearly a year. Negotiations over earned sick leave and vacation time came to a stalemate in October, but talks are set to resume this week. Union members unanimously authorized a strike this weekend, but they’re hoping they won’t have to use that option.

Grief in Kodiak over the closure of the town’s Taco Bell, KFC

The community’s response to the news was strong. In 12 hours, Debbie’s post had more than 500 reactions and 150 comments. Almost all of the replies were despondent about the loss of a local fast food fixture.

Officials shot three bears, days apart, all eating trash on the same street in Kodiak

About 30 percent of male Kodiak brown bears don’t hibernate at all.

M/V Tustumena makes its last run before winter ferry service gap

The ferry won't return to Kodiak until April.

DEC budget proposal puts small shellfish farming operations at risk

After about a decade of subsidizing shellfish testing for retailers around the state, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation is seeking to shift some of that cost back to the industry.
boats in harbor at Sand Point

Trident’s Sand Point plant closed for the winter due to low cod stocks

In a fishing town of just under a 1,000, a large employer industry forced to close for six months is a huge blow.

Nine hospitalized after Coast Guard and Navy vessels collide near Kodiak

Six Coast Guard servicemembers and three U.S. Navy sailors were transported by emergency medical services personnel and hospitalized in Kodiak on Wednesday evening after a Coast Guard and Navy vessel collision.

Kodiak police hope new reality TV show will help improve recruitment woes

The island city is one of several Alaska communities profiled on a new reality series called “Alaska PD," set to air in 2020 on the cable television network A&E.

Akhiok’s new power system opens the door to renewable energy, and reduces costs

The Kodiak village of Akhiok is replacing its 40-year-old power grid and generator. The new system will be vastly more efficient, and comes with the ability to add solar energy in the near future.

Increase in observer fees has people in the fishing industry questioning how their dollars are being spent

Observer fees are going up for Alaska fishermen and processors. In Kodiak, fishermen aren’t too worried about the modest increase, but some would like to see improvements made to the decades-old program.

Emergency order closes part of Kodiak elk hunt after domestic elk escape from Burton ranch

A number of domestic, Rocky Mountain elk escaped from privately-owned land known as the Kodiak Game Ranch & Cattle Company in Pasagshak toward the end of last week.

New UAF climate report highlights rapidly changing Alaska ecosystems

Shorter sea ice and snow seasons mean there’s less ice and snow to cool the air and the land, so the impacts of warming trends are more apparent.

Alutiiq Museum launches Arts Advocacy Project to support Native artists

The grant allows the museum to select up to 10 artists for arts and career support. The museum will also be producing a webinar series to make those resources more accessible to a wider audience.

Who will be the fattest Katmai brown bear? Forget Beadnose, Holly is like the ‘Michelin Man’

A dozen brown bears in Katmai National Park are competing for the title of fattest bear during the park’s annual Fat Bear Week.

Kodiak villages brace for reduced ferry service this fall and winter

While the city of Kodiak has relatively reliable alternatives for transportation to the mainland, an upcoming gap in ferry service will pose serious difficulties for the some of the island’s outlying villages.

US military exercises come with indications of a growing Navy presence in Alaska

Across Southcentral Alaska and the Aleutians, some 3,000 service members are participating in the joint forces Arctic Expeditionary Capabilities Exercise this month.