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Indiana man stable after bear attack in Denali National Park

An Indiana man was attacked by a bear in Denali National Park and Preserve Monday night. The park said he was in stable condition Tuesday morning.
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Group that wants to recall Anchorage Assembly member Meg Zaletel says it has enough signatures

The group announced in a post on social media Monday that it had gathered 4,500 signatures. It needs about 2,500 valid signatures to get the recall vote on a municipal ballot.

Federal eviction moratorium extended for nearly all of Alaska

The new moratorium only applies to areas experiencing “substantial” or “high” levels of COVID-19 transmission. That’s nearly all of Alaska right now.
A haze falls over mountains in Anchorage.

Smoke may cause unhealthy air quality in Southcentral and Interior Alaska, DEC says

Parts of Interior and Southcentral Alaska will see poor air quality as a result of wildfires this week, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation warned on Tuesday.
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Federal child tax credit expected to cut child poverty in Alaska

An expanded federal tax credit for working families rolled out last week as part of the American Rescue Plan Act. Many have already seen their bank accounts credited $250 to $300 per child this month. It’s a plan that experts say will cut child poverty in half across the country — including in Alaska.

Consumer prices spiked more than 6 percent in urban Alaska over the last year

Anchorage has seen a consumer price increase of more than 6% in the last year, with some sectors rising by nearly 50%.

At Anchorage farm, refugees in Alaska gain training and economic opportunity

The Mountain View farm took the place of a vacant parking lot. Today it’s tended by more than 20 immigrant and refugee farmers who live in Anchorage.

New outdoor pickleball courts open in Anchorage

You may not have heard of it, but a tennis-like sport called pickleball is taking off in Anchorage. The Anchorage Pickleball Club recently partnered with the city to open the first outdoor courts in the city near downtown.

Anchorage Assembly member Zaletel recall petition to proceed for now

A petition to recall Anchorage Midtown Assembly member Meg Zaletel is proceeding after a state superior court ruling last month.
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After bruising campaign, Bronson says he’s looking for common ground in Anchorage

After a fraught year and a contentious election, Anchorage mayor-elect Dave Bronson represents a return to conservative leadership in the city. A 30-year resident of Alaska who has never held elected office before, he’s described as sharp and principled by observers.
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Anchorage police ask for help identifying ‘person of interest’ in posting of swastika stickers

Police on Thursday released three security photos of a man who was spotted last week near Mad Myrna’s and at the Alaska Jewish Museum.
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Bronson announces two new members of Anchorage mayoral transition team

Anchorage mayor-elect Dave Bronson announced two more members of his transition team who will lead the new administration's response to homelessness: an anesthesiologist and a budget manager.
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More than 11,000 people’s personal information released in APD data leak

Since 2019, 11,402 people have had their birth dates and driver’s license numbers published accidentally, due to a glitch in the Anchorage Police Department records system, the department announced Wednesday.
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Anchorage clerk reports ‘unprecedented harassment’ of election workers during mayoral runoff

The municipal clerk also says there was "intense scrutiny of the election (and) the dissemination of disinformation to sow distrust among voters."
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As fire season begins, a small blaze sparks at Flattop in Anchorage

A small wildfire broke out near the popular Flattop Mountain parking lot in Anchorage late Tuesday night. The Anchorage Fire Department described the burn as a 100 square foot brush fire, and said it was under control in less than half an hour.
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Acting Mayor ends Anchorage’s emergency proclamation

Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson announced that Anchorage’s emergency proclamation ended Tuesday at an Assembly meeting last night.

Dunbar concedes in race for Anchorage mayor

East Anchorage Assembly member Forrest Dunbar conceded to retired commercial pilot Dave Bronson in the race for Anchorage mayor Friday night.

How will a conservative mayor and progressive Assembly work in Anchorage?

The bulk of Dave Bronson’s campaign has centered on undoing the work of the Anchorage Assembly over the last year. Bronson's now on track to become the city's next mayor, and will be partnered with the majority-progressive Assembly to govern Anchorage.
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Bronson pulls ahead by 1,100 votes in the race for Anchorage mayor

Retired commercial pilot Dave Bronson has pulled ahead by 1,116 votes in the race for Anchorage mayor, according to results posted by the municipal clerk Friday afternoon. That’s a difference of 1.3%, well outside the 0.5% gap that would require a recount. Just over 87,000 ballots have been counted.
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Dunbar says he is unlikely to overcome Bronson lead in Anchorage mayor race

Assembly member Forrest Dunbar appeared to acknowledge that he is unlikely to win the Anchorage mayoral runoff Thursday night. He tweeted “Given the size of the deficit and the number of votes we believe are outstanding it appears unlikely that we will make up the difference.”