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Kavitha George is Alaska Public Media’s climate change reporter. Reach her at kgeorge@alaskapublic.org.
the Alaska State Capitol

Alaska House majority forms to the right of the Senate’s

The House is finally organized and both chambers are diving into their agendas for the session.
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Alaska House elects a speaker, Republican Rep. Cathy Tilton

With Tilton at the helm, the House can make committee assignments and begin other legislative business this session.
Alaska House floor

Days before legislative session starts, Alaska House is again without a coalition

Without being organized, the House can’t move ahead with most legislative business when the session starts on Tuesday
A four story concrete building

Alaska joins more than a dozen states banning TikTok on state devices

Gov. Mike Dunleavy cited security and privacy concerns regarding use of the app.
A man in a hat pushes a snow blower spraying snow.

December was Anchorage’s wettest and second snowiest on record

Climatologist Rick Thoman says climate change is driving this more extreme winter snowfall.
People hold signs in front of a snowy dumpster in a cold, foggy parking lot

Eagle River High School Green Club works to recycle holiday leftovers

Green Club partnered with the city's Solid Waste Services to set up a cardboard dumpster on campus, where the community can bring their flattened boxes and paper to recycle. 

Should I shovel my roof? (And answers to 7 other questions on Anchorage’s snowpocalypse) 

With more than 40 inches of snow in less than two weeks, there’s a lot to dig into.

Respiratory virus cases are filling hospital beds in Alaska

At the same time, the state is seeing a shortage of amoxicillin.
A blonde woman in a blazer smiles at the camera.

Nancy Dahlstrom has spent most of her 20-year political career out of the spotlight. Now she’s second in command.

Dahlstrom said she’s committed to upholding the policies of the election system set in law. Even so, she expressed reservations about the current ranked choice voting system.

Utqiagvik reaches record high 40˚F in December

The lack of winter sea ice is keeping temperatures warm. Climatologist Rick Thoman says it's a "very clear climate change signal."

Alaska certifies November election results

The closest race is House District 15, where Republican incumbent Tom McKay leads Democrat Denny Wells by just seven votes.

‘You will not see a repeat of 2019’: Looking back at Dunleavy’s first term and what’s to come

Gov. Mike Dunleavy is the first Republican governor in Alaska to be reelected in more than 40 years. But observers say his second term won't repeat much of his first.
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Alaska Gov. Dunleavy is reelected to second term

Gov. Mike Dunleavy won a second term outright, with 50.3% of the vote.
A Man in a plaid shirt, playing with his children

‘Pins and needles’: Alaska legislative candidates in close races wait out election results

Legislative candidates are handling the weekslong wait in different ways. For Cathy Giessel, it’s spending some time catching up on less political activities, like quilting.

Murkowski takes the lead in Alaska’s U.S. Senate race

Republican incumbent U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski is now ahead of GOP challenger Kelly Tshibaka by 1,658 votes in updated election results Friday, which leaves her almost certain to win reelection. 
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Alaska Gov. Dunleavy still on track to secure another term with more ballots counted

If Dunleavy’s share of the vote remains over 50%, he will win a second term outright, with no need for ranked choice tabulations.
A woman in a jacket leaving a flyer on a door.

Dozens of first-time Alaska legislative candidates are trying to make their mark before Election Day

First-time candidates are often trying to build name recognition and scrape together donors to fuel their barebones campaigns. We spoke to three candidates for House who are making their final push before Election Day.
A crowd of young people with signs protesting climate change inaction.

Alaska voters say they’re worried about climate change. Here’s where the candidates stand.

Alaska is at the forefront of climate change in the U.S. — it’s warming faster than any other state, and more than 60% of Alaskans say it’s an issue they’re concerned about. 
Photographs of a white woman and a multiracial woman side by side.

Walker and Gara band together in Alaska governor’s race with a joint ad against Dunleavy

The ad, featuring Walker’s running mate Heidi Drygas and Gara’s running mate Jessica Cook, says both campaigns would rather the other side win, than Gov. Mike Dunleavy.