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‘You will not see a repeat of 2019’: Looking back at Dunleavy’s first term and what’s to come

Gov. Mike Dunleavy is the first Republican governor in Alaska to be reelected in more than 40 years. But observers say his second term won't repeat much of his first.

Alaska Gov. Dunleavy is reelected to second term

Gov. Mike Dunleavy won a second term outright, with 50.3% of the vote.
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‘Pins and needles’: Alaska legislative candidates in close races wait out election results

Legislative candidates are handling the weekslong wait in different ways. For Cathy Giessel, it’s spending some time catching up on less political activities, like quilting.

Murkowski takes the lead in Alaska’s U.S. Senate race

Republican incumbent U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski is now ahead of GOP challenger Kelly Tshibaka by 1,658 votes in updated election results Friday, which leaves her almost certain to win reelection. 

Alaska Gov. Dunleavy still on track to secure another term with more ballots counted

If Dunleavy’s share of the vote remains over 50%, he will win a second term outright, with no need for ranked choice tabulations.
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Dozens of first-time Alaska legislative candidates are trying to make their mark before Election Day

First-time candidates are often trying to build name recognition and scrape together donors to fuel their barebones campaigns. We spoke to three candidates for House who are making their final push before Election Day.
A crowd of young people with signs protesting climate change inaction.

Alaska voters say they’re worried about climate change. Here’s where the candidates stand.

Alaska is at the forefront of climate change in the U.S. — it’s warming faster than any other state, and more than 60% of Alaskans say it’s an issue they’re concerned about. 
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Walker and Gara band together in Alaska governor’s race with a joint ad against Dunleavy

The ad, featuring Walker’s running mate Heidi Drygas and Gara’s running mate Jessica Cook, says both campaigns would rather the other side win, than Gov. Mike Dunleavy.
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U.S. House candidates talk fish, energy and bipartisanship in televised debate

Candidates for Alaska’s lone U.S. House seat sparred over fish, energy and partisan politics at Wednesday’s Debate for the State.

Walker and Gara call on Pierce to drop out of governor’s race, Dunleavy says he’s ‘waiting for more facts’

On Friday, Pierce's former executive assistant filed a lawsuit against him and the Kenai Peninsula Borough alleging “constant unwanted physical touching, sexual remarks, and sexual advances."
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Alaska is one of 26 states that picks judges through a council. Here’s why some voters want a change.

They say the Alaska Judicial Council is responsible for a “liberal” judiciary.
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Should Alaska hold another constitutional convention? Voters share how they’re weighing the question

Some voters say issues like abortion, the Permanent Fund dividend and judicial selection are top of mind.
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Kivalina neighbors banded together to save a house from falling into the sea amid last week’s storm

Kivalina has long dealt with climate change-driven erosion. While the village didn’t feel the effects of heavy flooding, residents are wary of a future with heavy autumn storms.
water from flooding in Kotzebue

Kotzebue Sound mostly spared from storm damage

Some flooding was reported in Kotzebue and surrounding villages, but nothing close to the damage seen further south.
a person holds a sign that reads "abortion is basic healthcare"

What to know about Alaska’s privacy clause and its link to abortion rights

As Alaskans prepare to vote in November on whether to hold a constitutional convention, the privacy clause is a major focus.
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Can Gara or Walker unseat Dunleavy in the race for Alaska governor? Analysts say both have a tough, but possible road to victory.

In a ranked-choice election, the two progressive gubernatorial candidates are relying on each other’s second-place votes to win.

Dunleavy accused of using state funds to pay campaign staffers and violating campaign finance rules

The Alaska Public Research Interest Group and an organization called 907 Initiative filed the complaint on Tuesday with the Alaska Public Offices Commission.
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How did Peltola beat Palin? Political analysts in Alaska say ‘civility matters’

Peltola's victory against Trump-backed Republican Sarah Palin sets the stage for a contentious next few months as she and Republicans Sarah Palin and Nick Begich compete for the full two-year term that begins in January.
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Peltola’s lead widens in U.S. House race with another batch of first-place votes counted

Peltola's lead increased from 7.5% to a little over 8%, according to updated results posted late Thursday.
a herd of caribouo eat grass in some rolling hills

The last remaining private bidder in last year’s ANWR lease sale pulls out

Knik Arm Services says it doesn’t want to wait out legal battles over development in the refuge.