Katie Basile

Katie Basile
traditional dancers perform

22 photos of the Cama-i Dance Festival’s return to Bethel

After two years of COVID-related cancellations, the much-celebrated Cama-i Dance Festival is back.
A group of people stand on a frozen river around a cross cut into the ice.

What the celebration of Epiphany looked like this year on the frozen Kuskokwim River

The Epiphany is a holiday celebrated by Orthodox Christians all over the world, commemorating the baptism of Jesus Christ in the River Jordan. In Napaskiak, people celebrated on the frozen Kuskokwim River.

For Yukon-Kuskokwim elders, pandemic brings back memories of TB

Elders who have live through past pandemics shared stories about the dangers of not listening to health guidelines during pandemics.

PHOTOS: Postcard from Red Devil

The town of Red Devil was built by mining almost 100 years ago, and now carries a toxic legacy of mine pollution. But to its residents, the Donlin Gold mine represents hope. Like so many communities in Alaska, resource extraction is at once a lifeline and a risk.

Watch: The legacy of Maryann Sundown and Agnes Aguchak

Scammon Bay "Dance Diva" Maryann Sundown and her sister, Agnes Aguchak, left behind a unique comedic legacy in Yup’ik dance. This year, the Scammon Bay dancers returned to the Cama-i Dance Festivalstage for the first time since their Elder, Maryann Sundown, passed away in 2011.