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Alaska Quilt

Hometown Alaska: Meet the Log Cabin Quilters and find out what they do with all the quilts they create

With winter coming on, maybe you need a cozy, creative activity you can do with friends that adds up to something beautiful? Today's Hometown Alaska introduces the Anchorage Log Cabin Quilters Guild. Their unjuried...

Hometown Alaska: What’s new 7 years after voters said yes to legal marijuana

So, here’s one new thing: This fall, UAA, our hometown university campus, is offering its first marijuana information class, open to students and community members. How and why did the university decide now was...

Hometown Alaska: Tiny museum in Chugiak honors Lithuania’s fierce independence

Svaja Worthington was only five years old in 1944 when her family walked away from their Lithuanian home in the face of Russian brutality. During World War II, Lithuania had been occupied first by...

Hometown Alaska: Kick start your growing season with free mentors from Anchor Gardens

On today's Hometown Alaska, we'll introduce you to a free garden mentoring service with high ambitions.

Hometown Alaska: How to flatten the disinformation curve

Here's a new word for you: infodemic. The World Health Organization coined the term and centered a recent global conference around coming to terms with a glut of mis- and dis-information that is harming...

Hometown Alaska: Meeting vaccine hesitancy one client at a time

Community Health Workers are relatively new to Alaska. They come from the communities they serve. They get specialized training in communication and health systems, and their mission is to help guide people toward the health care they need.
Three students in front of yellow lockers

Hometown Alaska: Teens talk about coping with COVID

On this week's Hometown Alaska, Anchorage teens describe how they have suffered, endured, and even grown through living under the COVID-19 pandemic. We'll hear from teens at the Alaska Teen Media Institute, Covenant House...

Hometown Alaska: Hear how these Anchorage arts organizations adapted to the pandemic

Andrea Noble, executive director of the Alaska State Council on the Arts, has one word for the Alaska artists and arts organizations now tackling Year Three of life under Covid: "Resilient. They just don't...

Community groups meet Covid vaccine hesitancy with trusted voices and accurate information

January 2022 marks the world's third year working to overcome the Coronavirus pandemic. For many different and valid reasons, people hesitate to get vaccinated. Yet broad and successful vaccination rates are necessary to avoid...

Hometown Alaska: Food is love without the words. So what do you cook and eat with the ones you love?

Arguments over mandates, pandemic death, disruptive politics, climate change disasters. We've seen them all this year; we're worn out. The battles and struggles will continue, but this week's Hometown Alaska seeks to console. Our...

Hometown Alaska: From dog poop to plastics – what can you really compost and recycle in Anchorage?

UPDATE: Since the recycling/composting program aired Monday morning, here's a bit of useful info for Mat-Su Valley residents interested in curbside recycling. Alaska Waste began curbside recycling in the Valley last February, including within...

New anthology: 25 years of Alaska women’s voices

On the latest Hometown Alaska, host Kathleen McCoy is speaking with the editors of a new anthology that collects the first 25 years of the journal “Alaska Women Speak."

Two first books by young Alaska writers

UPDATE: Writer Matt Caprioli, featured in this episode, has changed his last name to Frye Castillo. His website can be found here. Hometown Alaska is back after its short summer hiatus, and we return...

Alaska Version 3 asks us to imagine our collective future. You go first.

What if our latest conversations about Alaska didn't lodge on the dollar amount of a PFD, or how much a budget should be cut? What if we leaped over these sticking points and employed...

Book love: Updates from Alaska Center for the Book and Anchorage Reads

Host Kathleen McCoy talks with founders of the Alaska Center for the Book and a librarian about community programs to promote reading.
A man in a police uniform smiles for a photo in front of flags

Hometown Alaska: A conversation with Anchorage Police Acting Chief Ken McCoy

APD's Acting Chief Ken McCoy joins host Kathleen McCoy for a conversation on the department's work in Anchorage, and more broadly, on modern policing — a public safety field that has come under increasing scrutiny as social media and video cameras have captured police at work.
Photos of two men side by side

RUNNING 2021: Runoff for Mayor of Anchorage

Hometown Alaska is hosting a mayoral candidates' discussion between Dave Bronson and Forrest Dunbar.

Doing right by kids: How to pay for quality early childhood education at a scale we need?

Today's question came from a listener, a father who has weathered and completed his own family's journey through expensive childcare, for which he's grateful. But his own success don't solve the huge challenge in...

Why aren’t there more Alaska Native defenders, prosecutors and judges?

A listener posed a question for Justice Alaska on Hometown Alaska and we tackled it on this week's show. Where are the Alaska Native defenders, prosecutors and judges in our state's judicial system? What...

Is Alaska ready to go nuclear? Is nuclear ready for Alaska?

It's probably time for everyday Alaskans to learn more about new developments in nuclear technology that may have potential benefits for Alaska—an energy-producing state that still faces rural high energy costs and challenging geography....