Katherine Rose, KCAW - Sitka

Katherine Rose, KCAW - Sitka
Herring Cove

Accidental discovery of sunken ship near Sitka reveals surprising history

On June 9, a mariner fouled his anchor in Herring Cove. Every time he tried to move the anchor, a little oil sheen and debris would pop up.
a meeting

Sitkans take to mic to share thoughts on cruise traffic

A tourism town hall was packed with close to 100 people. Just under 30 shared their thoughts on what number of cruise visitors is right for Sitka.
herring eggs

State’s high court rules against Sitka Tribe of Alaska’s herring claim

The Alaska Supreme Court upheld a 2021 denial of the tribe's claim that Fish and Game managers had violated the state constitution.
a helicopter

Coast Guard recovers downed helicopter from island near Petersburg

The MH-60 Jayhawk is on its way to North Carolina for an inspection as part of a larger investigation into what caused the Nov. 13 crash.
a helicopter crash

2 survivors of Coast Guard helicopter crash near Petersburg leave hospital

The Coast Guard says the other two crew members remain hospitalized with severe injuries in Washington, but their conditions have improved.

Sitka denies second citizen petition to limit cruise visitors

Organizer Larry Edwards received notice from the city on Thursday that a petition he sponsored with more than 40 other Sitkans was rejected.
a cruise ship

Sitka denies petition to put cruise passenger limits to voters

Sitka's municipal clerk said in a letter that the proposed local limitations on cruise ships would be unenforceable under Alaska's constitution.

Sitkans push for vote on cruise visitor limits

A group of Sitkans is calling for a cap on the number of cruise passengers next year, asking that the question be put before local voters this winter.
a woman holds a photograph of a man

SEARHC to close Sitka’s home health department

Some Sitkans are concerned that both the expense and quality of end-of-life care will change dramatically.
king salmon

Justice Department will appeal court order forcing Southeast Alaska troll fishery closure

The U.S. Department of Justice will appeal a federal court order forcing the closure of the commercial king salmon troll fishery in Southeast Alaska.
a Rubik's Cube enthusiast

Sitka teen’s ‘need for speed’ gives her rubric for solving Rubik’s Cubes

Rianna Bergman, a "speedcuber," says she can solve a Rubik's Cube in about 15 seconds.
a boatload of herring eggs

A millennia-old Sitka subsistence fishery replenishes the spirit, and the freezer

The frenzy around Sitka's commercial sac roe fishery overshadows a far quieter Indigenous fishing tradition that’s taken place for millennia.

Sitka’s police dispatch will now answer 911 calls from Whittier, Girdwood

Residents of Whittier and Girdwood will now have their 911 calls answered over 500 miles away – in Sitka.
Renee Trafton

Kale yeah! Sitka chef is among 4 Alaskans nominated for prestigious James Beard awards

Trafton says in the last six years, her culinary voice has strengthened and she’s adapted to the challenges of running a Southeast Alaska restaurant.
wind turbines

Study finds wind power is Sitka’s ‘strongest resource’ for future energy needs

Wind power may be the best option to add extra “oomph” to Sitka’s electric grid, based on research collected as part of an investigation into Sitka’s long-term energy needs.
a seaplane dock

Sitka Assembly moves forward with full-scale seaplane base project

While new estimates project the cost at more than double original predictions, the Assembly is going for a fully-realized project rather than a scaled-back option.
man holds woman hand by burnt building

After an eye-opening supply-run, a former Sitkan fundraises for friends in Ukraine

When a former Sitka music teacher finally made it to Kyiv, he realized that the suitcase of medical supplies he'd brought wasn’t enough.
Herring egg salad on a spoon

Sitka Tribe researchers are studying how far herring eggs travel when they get shared

An estimated 87% of eggs harvested out of Sitka are given away.
A glass of water on a window sill

Sitka’s drinking water places second at national taste championship

Sitka qualified for the national competition after winning Alaska’s title.
A man wearing headphones and speaking into a microphone in a radio studio

Meet the Sitkan behind the ‘crappy clarinet playing’ of Squidward Tentacles

The musical genius of Squidward can be traced back to one person — now a therapist — who lives in Sitka.