Katherine Rose, KCAW - Sitka

wind turbines

Study finds wind power is Sitka’s ‘strongest resource’ for future energy needs

Wind power may be the best option to add extra “oomph” to Sitka’s electric grid, based on research collected as part of an investigation into Sitka’s long-term energy needs.
a seaplane dock

Sitka Assembly moves forward with full-scale seaplane base project

While new estimates project the cost at more than double original predictions, the Assembly is going for a fully-realized project rather than a scaled-back option.
man holds woman hand by burnt building

After an eye-opening supply-run, a former Sitkan fundraises for friends in Ukraine

When a former Sitka music teacher finally made it to Kyiv, he realized that the suitcase of medical supplies he'd brought wasn’t enough.
Herring egg salad on a spoon

Sitka Tribe researchers are studying how far herring eggs travel when they get shared

An estimated 87% of eggs harvested out of Sitka are given away.
A glass of water on a window sill

Sitka’s drinking water places second at national taste championship

Sitka qualified for the national competition after winning Alaska’s title.
A man wearing headphones and speaking into a microphone in a radio studio

Meet the Sitkan behind the ‘crappy clarinet playing’ of Squidward Tentacles

The musical genius of Squidward can be traced back to one person — now a therapist — who lives in Sitka.
an eagle on a boat

Eagle that died in Sitka park tests positive for bird flu

The highly pathogenic bird flu is the worst the country has seen since 2015 and has a high mortality rate for raptors.
a person holds an eagle while another person looks at it

Alaska Raptor Center in Sitka temporarily suspends bird rescues as concerns mount about bird flu

Staff has also moved the eagles that live in the outdoor habitat into their cages to reduce their risk of exposure to the virus. 
The bow of a green kayak out on the water, with a forested shore in the distance

Sitka woman swims from shore to rescue capsized kayaker

The good Samaritan was aware of the risks — she’s a five-year veteran of Sitka’s search and rescue team.
A man in the mountains

Sitka hiker recounts the misstep that started his thousand-foot fall

“I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have crossed at that point,” he said. “Because once I fell, I was on the way. And there was no stopping.”
A tugboat grounded on a rocky beach

Subsistence harvesters, seiners react to fuel spill north of Sitka

Subsistence harvesters are trying to figure out how the diesel spill could affect their harvest season, which typically happens a little later in the spring.
Small vessels surround a container barge as a grounded tugboat lays on the shore

As spill cleanup continues near Sitka, state looks at possible impacts to herring fishery

State biologists are looking into how a recent diesel spill 15 miles northwest of Sitka will affect the sac roe herring fishery, which went on two-hour notice Tuesday morning.
A Coast Guard member looks out the open door of a helicopter at a container barge surrounded by smaller vessels

Crews work to contain fuel spill after tugboat runs aground north of Sitka

The grounding ruptured one of the tug’s fuel tanks, which can hold around 13,000 gallons of diesel fuel.
Cars in a line with a person in a blue gown talking to someone through the window

‘We’re not interested in documenting this pandemic’: Changes coming to Alaska’s COVID-19 dashboard

The state is considering ending daily case reporting and switching to weekly reports. Chief Medical Officer Anne Zink says weekly reports can still provide important information about COVID trends, while not overburdening local health departments.

TikTok fans flock to Sitka’s Raptor Center

The format — short videos, catchy music — is a palatable package for educational content, says Richard Hart with the Alaska Raptor Rehabilitation Center.
A red and white plane flies over water, above someone in the water.

Cracked cell phone guides Coast Guard to boater stranded near Alaska’s Naked Island

A man was rescued from a remote beach near Naked Island, about 20 miles miles east of Hoonah, on Monday morning, thanks in part to the light from his cracked cell phone screen.

Sitka bear attack survivor credits partner’s quick shot with saving his life

A Fish and Game fisheries technician is recovering after being attacked and mauled by a bear during a routine stream survey north of Sitka on Aug. 19.
People at a table wearing masks looking at a computer

Sitka enacts its first mask mandate as community wrestles with its largest COVID-19 outbreak yet

In an attempt to curb the community’s largest COVID-19 outbreak of the pandemic, the Sitka Assembly voted 6-0 at an emergency meeting on July 29 to require masks in public spaces.
An Alaska arlines jet in the sky

Alaska Airlines passenger flew on Southeast flight after testing positive for COVID-19, health officials say

Alaska Airlines says it prevented a COVID-19 infected passenger from boarding a flight in Seattle on Tuesday after they’d arrived from Alaska on a multi-leg trip that included Sitka, Juneau and Ketchikan.
A harbor with a bunch of small fishing boats

Skipper rescued by girlfriend on air mattress after falling overboard off Sitka

A near tragedy was averted in Sitka on Monday morning after a fishing boat skipper who had fallen overboard was rescued by his girlfriend on an inflatable mattress.