John Ryan, KUCB - Unalaska

Shell's Fennica vessel. Photo: John Ryan/KUCB.

Shell ship ‘Fennica’ heads to Oregon for repairs

A key ship in Shell Oil's Arctic drilling fleet left Alaska on Sunday. The icebreaker is headed south to Oregon for repairs after a three-foot gash was discovered in its hull. Download Audio

Shell’s Arctic ‘Beer Can’ Passes Federal Test In Puget Sound

Shell Oil had to postpone its Arctic drilling for a full year after one of its oil rigs ran aground off the Alaska coast this winter. But Shell’s efforts to open a new frontier of oil exploration in the Arctic Ocean continues with work conducted in Puget Sound. The oil giant passed a key test with federal regulators last month in the waters off Anacortes, Washington. Download Audio

Shell Underwater Oil-Spill Equipment Fails Key Test

Shell Oil has been building and testing equipment designed for the Arctic Ocean in Puget Sound. In September, a key test of underwater oil-spill equipment was a spectacular failure.