John Ryan, KUCB - Unalaska


As fur seal numbers in the Aleutians decline, one population is curiously thriving

Northern fur seals have been declining for decades in their stronghold on St. Paul Island in Alaska’s Pribilof Islands, but their numbers are taking off on Bogoslof Island, a couple hundred miles to the south. Download Audio

Navy submarine pops up in Dutch Harbor unannounced

A U.S. Navy submarine pulled into Unalaska Bay near the town landfill Friday morning. The sub made no contact with the Port of Dutch Harbor, according to Harbor Master John Days.

Shell Gets Final Approval To Drill Into Oil-Bearing Rock in the Chukchi

The Interior Department gave final approval to Shell Oil to drill into oil-bearing rocks at the company’s “Burger J” drilling site. The company has until late September to complete this summer’s exploratory drilling. Download Audio

Dead herring, poison mussels found on Unalaska shorelines

Hundreds of dead herring washed up on Front Beach in downtown Unalaska on Tuesday.

Climate change, not Arctic drilling, drives Obama trip to Alaska

President Barack Obama is coming to Alaska later this month. The White House released a video Thursday morning to explain why he will be the first sitting president to visit Alaska’s Arctic. Download Audio

Giant cruise ship to (briefly) almost double Unalaska’s population

Unalaska’s population could nearly double Sept. 15 when the Celebrity Millennium docks here. Community leaders are worried enough, they’re holding a town hall meeting on how to handle—and help—the onslaught of tourists.

Shell ready to drill for Arctic oil as delayed icebreaker arrives

Shell’s wayward icebreaker made it to the company’s Arctic Ocean drilling site Tuesday. The arrival of the Fennica after a month’s delay means the company could get to drill for oil beneath the Chukchi Sea this summer. Download Audio

Looking (And Listening) For Alaska’s Rarest Whale

Researchers are cruising the Gulf of Alaska on the lookout for one of the world’s rarest animals: the North Pacific right whale. Download Audio

Looking (And Listening) For Alaska’s Rarest Whale

Researchers are cruising the Gulf of Alaska on the lookout for one of the world’s rarest animals: the North Pacific right whale.

Two Icebreakers, One Port, Two Very Different Missions

As Shell's Fennica icebreaker embarks for the Arctic, another icebreaker is likewise readying for a northern trip. The Coast Guard's Healy vessel is headed to the North Pole with a crew of scientists on board. Download Audio

Helicopter crew, pregnant pilot deliver Aleutian Islands fishermen to safety

Two fishermen were rescued from their boat grounded off Unalga Island in the eastern Aleutians on Tuesday. A Coast Guard helicopter crew from Air Station Kodiak hoisted the men to safety about 1 pm. The two were flown to Dutch Harbor and did not require medical attention.

Shell’s Arctic Icebreaker Returns to Unalaska

Shell's Fennica icebreaker has returned to Alaska. It docked at Dutch Harbor on Tuesday evening after enduring repairs and protests in Portland, Oregon. Download Audio

Stimson Patrol Vessel Leaves Dutch Harbor for Kodiak After 17 Years

The Patrol Vessel Stimson sailed out of Dutch Harbor Monday morning, marking the end of an era for Unalaska and for the Stimson. After 17 years based in Dutch Harbor, it’s heading to Kodiak, where the state of Alaska’s biggest patrol vessel will be based.

Strange Orange Robots Sail Into Dutch Harbor… Just What Are They Up To?

Aquatic robots have been spotted in the Aleutian Islands. Two ocean-going drones were seen sailing into Dutch Harbor Monday night with no one on board. Just what are these orange robots doing out there--and should we be alarmed? Download Audio

Shell Begins Exploratory Drilling in the Chukchi Sea

Arctic drilling is under way. Shell Oil confirmed Thursday night that its Polar Pioneer rig sent a drill bit spinning into the floor of the Chukchi Sea about 5 p.m. Alaska time. Download Audio

Shell’s Fennica Sets Sail for Alaska

Police disbanded the protest late this afternoon, and the Fennica set sail for Alaska. But not before a federal judge found Greenpeace in contempt for blocking the path of an Arctic-bound drilling vessel. Download Audio

Dead Fish, Wildlife In Aleutians May Be Victims Of Toxic Algae Outbreak

Scientists have been receiving reports of dead and dying whales, birds and small fish in the Aleutian Islands. They think it might be from toxic algae proliferating, thanks to unusually warm ocean temperatures. Download Audio

Ex-Senator, Troubled Airline Promise Unalaskans Improved Service

Unalaska got a visit from a former senator on Wednesday. Former U.S. Senator Mark Begich came to town to do some public relations work for Grant Aviation.

Interior Dept. OKs Arctic Drilling—With Limits

The Obama administration approved Shell’s Oil’s plan for drilling in the Arctic Ocean on Wednesday. But for now, Shell is restricted on how deep it can drill. Download Audio

Explosion Shakes Aleutians’ Cleveland Volcano

An explosion shook Cleveland Volcano in the east-central Aleutian Islands at 8:17 a.m. local time Tuesday. It's the volcano's first explosion since November. Download Audio