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Skagway shop owner found not guilty of misrepresenting Native art

A Skagway shop owner was found not guilty of misrepresenting Native produced art in federal court on Friday. Listen now

State biologists investigate green bears in Haines

Social media sites were atwitter in Haines on Thursday morning after photos surfaced of green bears in the Chilkoot River.

AK: Hammer-time in Haines

You may have heard NPR’s Morning Edition running their “Unsung Museums” special this summer. Well it turns out Alaska has its fair share of them, including the hammer museum in Haines. Listen now

Wounded bear in Skagway put down over the weekend

A park ranger shot and killed a brown bear that was wounded during a hazing event in Dyea about two weeks ago, putting the animal out of its misery over the weekend.

Injured bear might still be at large in Dyea after shooting

A troublesome brown bear was shot and severely wounded by a Skagway police officer on Saturday night in the Dyea campground. The injured bear has not been seen after it hobbled into the Taiya River early Sunday morning. But National Park Service officials are warning the public to be alert of a potentially dangerous situation. Listen now

Canadian firewood stalemate leaves Haines residents out in the cold

Dozens of Haines residents who buy firewood from Canadian company Dimok Timber, will have to look elsewhere for their fuel source this winter. The company, located near Haines Junction, has been asked by the Haines Borough to pay sales tax and obtain a business license. But the owners say they shouldn’t have to because all sales are taking place outside the borough, and the country, for that matter.

Monster landslide rocks Southeast Alaska

A massive landslide, estimated to be around six-and-half miles long, near Glacier Bay has scientists in New York clambering to get to Southeast. The slide happened Tuesday morning, and was discovered by a local pilot. Listen now

Sunny skies, stiff winds greet bike relay racers in Haines

It was the Year of the Headwind on this year’s Kluane-Chilkat International Bike Relay. But more than 1,100 riders managed to complete the 150-mile event from Haines Junction, Yukon, to Haines. As it does every year, the 24th annual race featured teams of eight, four, two, and solo riders – some out for the glory and some in it just for fun.

First Alaska ibis sighting has birders going ‘ballistic’

An unusual bird was spotted in two separate Southeast towns on the same day last week. The ibises were a rare treat that has left bird experts scratching their heads, wondering why these southern birds have landed in Alaska. Download Audio

Murder investigation underway at Excursion Inlet

A remote Southeast community was the scene of an alleged homicide on Sunday. Download Audio

One injured in Haines bear mauling

A Fairbanks man and University of Alaska assistant professor was airlifted to an Anchorage hospital from Haines on Monday afternoon after being mauled by a bear nine miles west of town. Download Audio

Vehicle access to subsistence grounds at issue in three-day trial

Superior Court Judge Philip Pallenberg heard closing arguments on Wednesday in the case of Rosalie and Reuben Loewen versus the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources, and co-defendants. The trial centered on vehicular access to a popular hooligan fishing spot on the Chilkoot River owned for seven years by the Loewens.

Skagway to host largest cruise ship to sail Alaska waters

Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas is scheduled to dock in Skagway this summer. It’s the largest cruise ship to land in the Gateway to the Klondike by about 1,000 passengers, and largest to ever cruise Alaska waters. The vessel will also make port calls in Juneau and sail the Inside Passage and Tracy Arm. Download Audio

Skagway assembly member signs guilty plea to federal tax charges, owes IRS $600,000

Longtime Skagway Assembly member and business owner Dan Henry signed a plea agreement Wednesday admitting guilt to federal tax charges and agreeing to pay $600,000 in restitution to the IRS.

Slumping Canadian dollar means big loss for Haines, Skagway

The Canadian dollar continues to hover around $0.72 U.S. That means locals in Haines and Skagway might not see as many Yukon license plates this summer. With the lagging loonie comes the loss of Canadian business for local shops and tour operators, who are now trying to figure out how to cope. Download Audio

AK: Among wolverines, lynx and fox, a man finds his pack

About 30 miles north of Haines, there’s a sanctuary for abandoned wildlife, big and small. Steve Kroschel has owned and operated Kroschel’s Wildlife Center for decades. He’s been dubbed the wildlife whisperer. Even the wolverines – compact killing machines capable of handily taking down an adult moose – play with Kroschel like he’s one of the pack. Despite appearances, there's a method to his madness. Download Audio:

Dead murres wash up on Haines’ beach

More than a dozen dead common murres washed up on the beach in front of Haines on Tuesday, part of an unsettling trend happening across the state. According to biologists, the seabirds are starving to death.

Haines police officer in stable condition after accidental self-shooting

Tuesday at around 1:15 p.m., Haines Borough Police Officer Brayton Long, 52, accidentally shot himself in the lower arm while conducting firearms training at the shooting range out Mud Bay Road.

Color me this: New trend for adults makes timely arrival in Haines

A new trend has landed in Haines, and for once we’re not trailing way behind. Adult coloring is wildly popular pretty much everywhere, including Alaska, and the Babbling Book on Main Street can’t keep the boutique pages in stock. Download Audio

Haines skiers ask to lawfully XC on roads

With cuts to plowing services, it might be time to consider an alternate mode of transport if that big snow storm ever comes. But skiing on roads in the Haines borough is illegal, and those gliding down local thoroughfares can be dinged with a fine. One ski enthusiast is spearheading a campaign in hopes of changing that minor offense.