Jeremy Hsieh, Alaska Public Media - Anchorage

Jeremy Hsieh, Alaska Public Media - Anchorage
Jeremy Hsieh covers Anchorage with an emphasis on housing, homelessness, infrastructure and development. Reach him at or 907-550-8428. Read more about Jeremy here.
Prisoners in yellow jumpsuits on bleachers

ACLU sues Alaska Department of Corrections over eligibility for pre-release transition programs

The civil rights organization says after a parole board grants someone an earlier release date, they may be denied access to helpful transition programs because of a bad interpretation of eligibility rules.
Anchorage Fire Department responders with shovels near a collapsed roof.

Inspectors investigate cause of fatal Anchorage roof collapse

There is a lot of concern that heavy snow loads may have contributed to the collapse, said Anchorage Fire Department Assistant Chief Alex Boyd.
flipped Humvee

Air Force investigators lay out lapse after lapse that led up to Eagle River ROTC cadet’s death in Humvee crash

Untrained cadets were given unsupervised access to old humvees intended only for use as bombing targets that were improperly put into service.
people directing people flow in front of the Anchorage School District logo on a wall

Anchorage schools ‘repeatedly and inappropriately’ secluded and restrained students with disabilities, says Justice Department

The Department of Justice says the school district illegally secluded and restrained students with disabilities.
A camera person snaps a shot of a woman in classes, a man with a goatee and a woman in a colorful shirt as they pose with a sign.

A new resource center for people experiencing homelessness is opening in Anchorage

Instead of services scattered across the city, this new center offers everything in one place, from hot showers to housing resources.
sailors recover balloon

Still no answers on mysterious object shot down off Alaska’s north coast

The White House says recovery efforts for debris from all four objects shot down continued Monday.
A man smirks behind a desk.

Anchorage Assembly chair: ‘The mayor’s administration is on fire. It’s burning.’ 

Mayor Dave Bronson continues to be mum about litany of dysfunction at City Hall and says he has not considered resigning.
Duke Russell by his Subaru

Duke Russell couldn’t keep walking away from Anchorage’s neediest people. Now he’s feeding hundreds a day.

“Once you see stuff happen, you just can’t walk away anymore, you know?” the Spenard artist said.
volunteers put together baggies of personal hygiene products and snacks

Why Alaska’s homelessness experts are ambivalent about the point-in-time count

The federally mandated snapshot of people experiencing homelessness is widely publicized, but an existing system offers more robust and up-to-date information.
Construction workers walk down a city street.

Economic development officials launch campaign against Anchorage’s ‘talent crisis’

The Choose Anchorage action plan calls on leaders to improve education, housing and public infrastructure.
a man in a tie

For likely the first time, the Anchorage Assembly legally compelled someone’s testimony

A municipal attorney said using subpoenas to discuss protected personnel records would protect the municipality. It’s an unprecedented move for the city.
Alaska Railroad crew working on tracks

Repairs complete on avalanche-damaged Alaska Railroad track

The track is a key link between Alaska’s Railbelt and Lower 48 rail freight.
A Regal Cinemas movie theater in East Anchorage.

Anchorage’s only IMAX theater is on a bankruptcy chopping block

If the Regal Cinema Stadium 16 theater in Anchorage closes, then Fairbanks would have Alaska’s sole IMAX screen.
a train in snow

Alaska Railroad freight train derails after running into avalanche debris near Girdwood

There were no injuries, and the avalanche debris didn’t reach the Seward Highway.
Jessica Swan at memorial for her daughter Mackenzie Wilson

An Eagle River teen was killed during an ROTC event. Her mom doesn’t want it to be another tragic training accident.

Mackenzie Wilson died in a Humvee crash last summer. Her mom wants answers from the military.
A man by a truck with his dog

The rising cost of food is outpacing inflation. Here’s how some Alaskans are coping. 

Bobby Superb is retired and on a fixed income. He says he’s eating less, and even his dog no longer gets hamburger meat mixed into his food.
A woman poses in front of books

The Anchorage Public Library finally has a confirmed director

Unlike Mayor Bronson’s past picks, veteran librarian Virginia McClure has a strong library background and the Assembly’s confidence.
An older white man in a tan suit, a woman in a black blouse and a white man in a grey suit and red tie speak at a table in front of microphones

Anchorage’s ousted muni manager says work environment was toxic

Amy Demboski thinks the mayor fired her because she wrote out concerns about municipal agencies repeatedly overstepping their legal authority.
Rows of cots are organized on the floor of an arena.

Anchorage Assembly approves Sullivan Arena shelter expansion, with begrudging ‘yes’ vote

“Homelessness, and I know some will disagree with this, but it has been politicized, and the homeless are paying with their lives," said Assembly member Randy Sulte.
a woman speaks into a microphone behind a podium

Mayor Bronson announces sudden replacement of Municipal Manager Amy Demboski

Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson announced Amy Demboski's departure in a two-sentence statement Monday, providing no additional details.