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Why Anchorage Mayor Bronson vetoed funding for crisis teams he supports

An Anchorage Assembly leader says it demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding in the administration.
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Anchorage teen’s accused killer on trial 45 years after her murder

Prosecutors say DNA links an Oregon man to the killing of 16-year-old Shelley Connolly. The defense says it also points to other suspects.
Jessica Swan at memorial for her daughter Mackenzie Wilson

Alaska mother of slain ROTC cadet says lack of accountability ‘unconscionable’

A judge in Idaho dismissed a manslaughter case, and the military hasn't said if it disciplined its personnel involved in the death.
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Anchorage Assembly OKs 2024 budgets with veto-proof majority

Mayor Bronson agreed with about one-third of the Assembly’s operating budget additions. They disagreed over budgeting for staff vacancies.
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Anchorage mayor says downtown in a renaissance, but departing cafe’s fans disagree

Assembly Chair Chris Constant, who is often politically at odds with the mayor, agreed with Bronson’s optimism about downtown Anchorage.
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Anchorage’s unsheltered and good Samaritans adapt to cold snap

The most common causes of death for unsheltered people in Anchorage are drug overdose, cardiac arrest and hypothermia.
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Anchorage Assembly member calls for warming facility ahead of sub-zero weekend temps

Separately, the administration is working on lining up a contract for Assembly approval next week to establish a winter warming area for up to 50 people.
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Anchorage mayor responds to frustration over snow plowing and canceled in-person school

Anchorage schools are "on track" to reopen Thursday, after district officials said it was unsafe to bus students Wednesday, the fourth consecutive school day of remote learning.
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Anchorage Assembly expands winter shelter with hundreds on waitlist and snow pummeling city

The additional beds will go to the most vulnerable people on the waitlist.
A man in a dark green jacket sits on a cot alone inside a building that has been converted into a shelter.

A look at Anchorage’s emergency cold weather shelter plan

Anchorage opened a 150-bed cold-weather shelter on Oct. 31. But less than a month into winter shelter season, it has a 1,000-person waitlist.

1 dead after fire in east Anchorage encampment

According to the fire department, a dozen people have now died in fires in Anchorage this year. Two others were also in outdoor encampments.
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Anchorage mayor and Assembly at odds over contracts signed without input

For at least the third time, the Assembly and the Bronson administration fought publicly over a significant contract after it was executed.
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Anchorage’s winter shelter system has a long waitlist and unused capacity. Here’s why.

About 1,000 people are on a waitlist for winter shelter, but the city’s newest, 150-bed shelter hasn’t hit capacity yet.
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Anchorage Assembly members decry mayor’s equity measure veto as political gaslighting

The mayor’s veto message triggered indignant backlash from some Assembly members. The Assembly overrode the veto.
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Anchorage Assembly nudges police department to be more forthcoming on body cam rollout

The most controversial piece of the Assembly's request: a policy to automatically release recordings from police shootings.
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Hundreds of people are moving from Anchorage homeless camps into hotel rooms

City officials say demand is much higher than expected, and the new numbers mean there could be 400 people or more left out in the cold. 
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‘We are ready’: Bronson unveils revamped Anchorage snow removal plan

The mayor said if there’s another extreme snowfall event this winter, his administration will have more flexibility to get more drivers and equipment on the roads.
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New temporary homeless shelter in Anchorage to open by Nov. 1

The Assembly's action resolves the last major piece of the city’s winter shelter plan.
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Rabbis and Alaska politicians condemn attack on Israel, pledge support

About 200 people turned out for a solidarity event in Anchorage.
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For Anchorage’s homeless residents, the path out is precarious and rarely straight

Shelter beds opening up soon are a stepping stone to stability. But a bad choice, a bad actor or bad luck can quickly reverse progress.