Jeremy Hsieh, Alaska Public Media - Anchorage

Jeremy Hsieh has worked in journalism since high school as a reporter, editor and television producer. He lived in Juneau from 2008 to 2022 and now lives in Anchorage.
A picture of a beige building

Officials are aiming to move all of Anchorage’s homeless campers into housing or shelter in October

Unlike last winter, the plan does not include a mass shelter like the Sullivan Arena.
a 3D printing robot extrudes concrete

Can this robot print a whole house? Nome is going to find out next year. 

Nome and its partners hope the project will prove the technology can slash the time and cost to build quality housing, even in Alaska’s most remote communities.
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Anchorage IT director resigns after Assembly pressures mayor for more information on scheme to challenge election

Weeks after an investigator’s report laid out inappropriate behavior, the mayor said he asked for the resignation.
A house that's under construction.

Anchorage Assembly to put off vote on residential zoning reform pending planners’ review 

The proposed residential zones generally allow for more density and more flexibility in terms of both land uses and types of buildings.
home builders

Does Alaska have an affordable housing crisis?

Across the state, homebuilding and vacancy rates are down. Rent, mortgage rates and home prices are up.
Mountains and ocean from a plane window

Longtime Alaska writer reflects on Alaska’s history of aviation fatalities

“It’s something we really can’t get used to, shouldn’t get used to,” said Charles Wohlforth.
A man in a gray suit talks into a microphone

Bill Popp enters Anchorage mayoral race

He's the fourth major candidate to enter the race, joining incumbent Mayor Dave Bronson, former Anchorage Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance and former state Rep. Chris Tuck.
a sign on a portable toilet asks users not to use drugs inside

Anchorage Assembly temporarily boosts police, outreach and sanitation at large homeless encampments

There was a particular focus on crime, drug use and uncleanliness in the camp near Third Avenue and Ingra Street downtown. 
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Anchorage Assembly rejects mayor’s library board picks in latest culture war skirmish

Assembly member Anna Brawley said the candidates were engaged in a national, partisan effort against LGBTQ people and freedom of speech in libraries.
a group singing in front of the Alaska Capitol

New report highlights circumstances around hundreds of Alaska’s missing Indigenous people

The report includes 280 missing persons cases, some dating back to the 1960s.
Anchorage City Hall

Funding and unresolved questions linger ahead of vote on Anchorage mayor’s homeless shelter proposal

If the Assembly approves the funding, the shelter is unlikely to fully open this winter.
A man wearing a brown suit jacket and blue jeans stands in front a signpost while speaking into a microphone at Point Woronzof.

Indigenous Place Names Project celebrates 4th Anchorage-area signpost

The new marker along the Coastal Trail says “Nuch’ishtunt,” which means “the place protected from the wind” in Dena’ina Athabascan.
A white van parked outside.

Anchorage Health Department announces firing, then un-firing, of contractor that runs 24-hour sleep-off service

The contractor’s service has been inconsistent for months due to staffing shortages. A fire department official says that’s better than going months without the service at all.

Panel recommends renaming port after Don Young and reverting to ‘of Anchorage’ 

The Anchorage Assembly is set to hold a public hearing and vote on the renaming Sept. 12.
An aerial view of the Port of Alaska.

Anchorage Assembly OKs Port of Alaska cargo terminal design and user fees to finance project

Modernizing the port, an essential cargo lifeline for the entire state, has been bogged down in political and technical processes for years.
a sheep on a steep rock face with a boom arm

Roadside assistance? This sheep got stuck along the Seward Highway. Alaska DOT helped her out.

“This is a new one on me,” said an area biologist who helped with the rescue.
The inside of a bus. One passenger stands in the middle, walking to the front door. People sit on either side.

Anchorage bus system apologizes to riders for canceled trips amid driver shortage 

Lots of employers in Alaska and nationally are hurting for workers with commercial driver’s licenses.
a map of part of alaska shows the Alaska Peninsula and part of the Aleutian Chain in red

Alaska emergency officials investigate why Saturday’s tsunami phone alerts went beyond targeted areas

Earthquakes in 2018 and 2020 also led to urgent tsunami phone alerts well beyond the intended audience.
a sharps container near tents

Anchorage Assembly OKs pilot campground for homeless residents

But it’s still unclear whether the city has the time, staff and money to establish the camp by the end of the summer.
A sign listing prohibited activities at a vacant lot

Can Anchorage clear homeless camps? Here’s where lawyers and the courts stand.

With shelter space full, Anchorage officials continue to tread lightly around how and when they will clear unsanctioned homeless encampments.