Jeff Chen, Alaska Public Media - Anchorage

Jeff Chen, Alaska Public Media - Anchorage

Low teenage turnout for vaccine increases COVID case rate in Alaska

We’re a month into the school year and Alaska is experiencing peak Covid-19 cases and a hospital system at max capacity. Alaska Public Media’s Jeff Chen looks at how low teenage turnout for the Covid vaccine increases case rates in Alaska.
a group of people perform music on stage on a football field

Alaska-rooted Portugal. The Man surprised Anchorage high school with live concert

The band showed up on Dimond High School’s football field after the student government won a district-wide video contest.
a person kicks a ball suspended in the air

Skill and tradition honored at 60th anniversary World Eskimo-Indian Olympics

The 2021 World Eskimo-Indian Olympics drew a smaller crowd this year due to the pandemic but the athletes were no less impressive. These photos tell the tale.
Three young Chinese men hold a fish in front of an Alaskan Cannery

Cannery workers document the Chinese history of Alaska’s fishing industry

Chinese immigrants arrived before statehood and helped grow Alaska's wild salmon industry into the international, multi-billion-dollar economy that it is today.

New report shines light on Alaska’s missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls Alaska Native women experience disproportionate levels of violence, but it’s difficult to know exactly how bad the problem is. Mistrust of the legal system means assaults too often go unreported, or maybe misclassified for...

Remembering Alaskan Thelma Buchholdt, the nation’s first Philippine-born woman legislator Women of color have often been overlooked when it comes to documenting Alaska’s history. The "Extra Tough: Women of the North" exhibit highlights more than 30 women from before and after statehood, including former...

Alaska companies brace for another slow year for tourism

Alaska tour company hopes for rebound in Chinese tourism 2019 was a record year for Chinese and mandarin-language tourists in Alaska, with roughly 10-thousand travelers coming to the state, according to industry estimates. But almost...

Alaska Black History: celebrating Blanche McSmith and Willard Bowman as early voices for justice There is a long history of Black people coming to Alaska for a wide range of opportunities, working hard and making a name for themselves. Blanche McSmith is one of them. She was Alaska’s...

How an Award-Winning Alaskan musician finds hope during a pandemic | INDIE ALASKA After a year of pandemic and increased racial tensions, Ed Washington, an Anchorage musician who won best male vocalist at the 2020 Alaska Hip Hop and R&B Music Awards, shares a message of hope...

How to vote in Alaska: 2020 edition Alaska, it's time to vote. Here are three ways you can vote on or before Nov. 3, 2020: early voting, absentee voting, or in-person voting. Below are links to official Alaska Division of Elections...

What is Ballot Measure 2 proposing to change about Alaska’s voting process? Candidates aren't the only boxes on the ballot come November 4th. Ballot measure 2 seeks to shift elections from primaries to ranked choice voting, and would also require more disclosure of campaign funding on...
yellow trees along a country road

PHOTOS: As termination dust arrives, a look back at September in Southcentral Alaska

Southcentral Alaska is awash in gold and red, as temperatures slowly drop and winter approaches. Here are some images that capture the feelings and colors of September 2020.