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A large blue ferry with a white cabin plows through turqoise wavy water with mountains in the background

Coast Guard says masks will no longer be required while outdoors on boats, ferries

The Coast Guard announced Friday that it received permission from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to no longer enforce the mandate that requires anyone traveling on commercial maritime vessels, including ferries, to wear a mask in outdoor areas.
A crew of people pose in front of a coast guard helicopter

Coast Guard rescues friends adrift in giant inflatable flamingo near Kodiak

A group of friends were enjoying warm weather in Monashka Bay, when the winds picked up and they fond themselves pushed far out to sea without a paddle. Fortunately, they had a cell phone.
A sleek, silver rocket - called Astra's One of Three - sits in front of snow-covered mountains.

A wayward boat scuttled Astra’s launch attempt Sunday. They’ll try again Tuesday.

About 15 minutes from the planned launch, a boat had wandered into the waterway hazard zone, an area south of Narrow Cape that must be clear for the launch.

Tsunami warning reveals COVID-era oversight: masks

While the Kodiak Emergency Operations Center keeps a list of recommended supplies for emergencies, that list didn't contain facemasks.

Astra announces new dates for Kodiak rocket launch

The company had a failed launch in March.

Kodiak launch site hopes for its first space tourism launch

A Florida company said that it will send eight people to space on a near-zero emissions spacecraft.