James Brooks, Alaska Beacon

James Brooks, Alaska Beacon
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A sign outside an Anchorage courthouse

Alaska Gov. Dunleavy appoints two new judges to Anchorage Superior Court

Laura Hartz and Christina Rankin were appointed by the governor after a six-month application and vetting process.
the Alaska State Capitol

Alaska legislators say abortion-related legislation is unlikely to advance in the Capitol this year

A bipartisan supermajority in the Senate, plus close margins in the House, means controversial bills on social issues will face major obstacles.
the University of Alaska Fairbanks

University of Alaska will gain a plot of land that’s half the size of Rhode Island under new federal budget law

A clause in the new law, written by Sen. Lisa Murkowski, would give the university 360,000 acres in the next four years.
water and land

Alaska development bank approves more spending as it seeks to open ANWR for drilling

The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority has earmarked money for lawsuits and other work in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Juneau's Telephone Hill neighborhood

Historic neighborhood, once envisioned for new Alaska Capitol, is given away by the state

Juneau’s Telephone Hill neighborhood is home to Alaska’s oldest still-in-use house, built in 1882.
an Alaska Department of Corrections hiring sign

Alaska’s top-earning state employees include investment managers, troopers and psychiatrists

Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s salary, set by a state board, is the 862nd highest below the manager of the Bethel airport.
the Alaska State Capitol

Dunleavy announces new legislative director ahead of 2023 session

Laura Stidolph, formerly GCI's government affairs manager, will be Gov. Mike Dunleavy's chief liaison between the executive branch and the legislative branch.
a screenshot of four images, of people in court and a judge

Judge hears arguments challenging Anchorage Democrat’s legislative eligibility

A one-month difference in Jennie Armstrong’s arrival in Alaska could decide whether she serves in the Legislature.
David Eastman

Oath Keepers seek to overthrow government, judge says, but First Amendment protects Eastman

Wasilla Republican Rep. David Eastman had been accused of violating the Alaska Constitution’s disloyalty clause with his Oath Keepers membership.
a woman at a microphone

Acting Alaska health commissioner Hedberg is pick for permanent boss

The Department of Health has 1,442 full-time employees and a $950 million budget, the second-largest among state agencies.
a man in a suit and tie speaks in to a microphone

Dunleavy offers $7.3 billion Alaska budget, opening negotiations with wary legislators

Many state lawmakers have sought a funding increase for K-12 schools, something absent in the proposal.
David Eastman eligibility trial

At legislative eligibility trial, Eastman confirms membership in anti-government militia

In sworn testimony, Alaska Rep. David Eastman said he remains a member of the Oath Keepers militia — which may make him ineligible to serve as a state lawmaker.
the Alaska State Capitol

Ahead of first-draft state budget, oil prices are driving a tighter Alaska fiscal picture

Alaska’s revenue forecast, to be updated this week, relies on oil futures markets that are at their lowest point this year.
a flu vaccine shot

Alaska’s flu season continues to worsen, epidemiology reports show

Alaska’s flu season is worsening with no signs of leveling off, the latest surveillance report from the Alaska Department of Health showed on Wednesday.
ballots go into a scanner

Some rural votes were again left uncounted in Alaska’s statewide election

The U.S. Postal Service failed to deliver the ballots to the state election headquarters before the election was certified, according to the Division of Elections.
Boney Courthouse

Alaska Judicial Council nominates 4 for upcoming vacancy on state Supreme Court

Gov. Mike Dunleavy now has 45 days to select Daniel Winfree's successor from judges Dani Crosby and Jude Pate, as well as attorneys Kate Demarest and Aimee Oravec.
Margaret Paton-Walsh

Selection committee votes Tuesday on finalists for Alaska Supreme Court vacancy

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy will make the final selection; he was sworn into a second term Monday by one of the applicants.
the Alaska Constitution

Alaska Rep. Eastman, contending with Red Scare-era disloyalty clause, advances toward trial

The roots of Alaska’s disloyalty clause come from a Hawaiian dockworkers’ strike in the 1940s.
the Port of Alaska

Alaska would be insulated from a nationwide railroad strike, officials say

Rep. Mary Peltola, citing a lack of sick leave for workers, says she opposes strike-averting legislation in current form.
voting stickers

Two years after contentious 2020 vote, Alaska finds only three voter fraud cases

Despite claims by some Alaskans that fraudulent voting changed the state’s election results two years ago, no evidence of fraud on that scale has been uncovered by investigators.