James Brooks, Alaska Beacon

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Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy appoints figure behind illegal loyalty-pledge scheme to university board

Several sitting legislators said they believe Tuckerman Babcock is unlikely to be confirmed by the Legislature when it meets next spring.
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Alaska state school board considers rule that would limit transgender athletes

The proposed regulation would limit students to a multi-gender team or a team "based on a student’s sex assigned at birth."
a Juneau labor protest

Alaska justices rule against Dunleavy administration in long-running union-dues lawsuit

The state claimed the case was about the First Amendment; justices said the facts showed the state was hostile toward unions.
the Alaska State Capitol

Alaska Gov. Dunleavy signs bill granting free fur-trapping licenses to disabled veterans

The proposal had universal support from veterans organizations and hunting/fishing groups within the state.
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What happens in Alaska if the United States defaults on its debt next month?

Social Security checks, pensions, government paychecks and many basic services could be affected, and that’s before any economic recession.
Rep. Josiah Patkotak

America’s farthest-north state representative is planning to leave the Alaska Capitol

Rep. Josiah Patkotak says he’s running to be the next mayor of the North Slope Borough in an Oct. 3 local election.
the Alaska State Capitol

Provision of Alaska budget bill would boost 2024 dividend, depending on oil price

If oil prices reach an average of $83 per barrel during Alaska's next fiscal year, 2024 Permanent Fund dividends would increase by $500.
Craig Johnson

Alaska’s legislators and top executive-branch officials will receive pay increases by 2024

The state House and Senate failed to pass a bill that would have blocked the pay hikes from coming into effect.
Gary Stevens

Bruised feelings and fiscal trouble leave Alaska on the verge of another budget deadlock

The state Senate is planning to present a take-it-or-leave-it budget option to the House on Wednesday.
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Alaska senators approve permanent increase to public school funding, with House support in question

If approved by the Alaska House and governor, it would be the largest-ever funding increase for Alaska public schools.
Bert Stedman

Alaska Senate prepares ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ budget in attempt to finish session on time

If the situation is not resolved by Wednesday, the Legislature or Gov. Mike Dunleavy will be forced to call a special session to continue talks.
the Alaska State Capitol

Alaska Gov. Dunleavy reappoints Bethany Marcum to state redistricting board

A day after lawmakers declined to confirm Bethany Marcum to the University of Alaska Board of Regents, she was reappointed to her former job.
an above-ground pipeline

State-owned corporation asks for $5.6M to keep Alaska gas pipeline quest alive

Without the money, the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. will shut down, said its president, Frank Richards.
the Senate Finance Committee

With public testimony phone lines clogged, Alaska legislators consider different options

Careful scheduling and greater use of Alaska’s 22 auxiliary legislative offices could fix the problem.
Heidi Hedberg

Alaska health department pledges to halve 10,000-person food-stamp backlog within six months

The pledge is the result of a class-action lawsuit against the department; the lawsuit is on hold until at least Oct. 31.
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Alaska Senate approves new PFD payout formula, but final action remains distant

The Senate’s bill is equivalent to about $1,300 this year, and the amount could grow in the future if lawmakers find additional revenue.
Alaska House representatives

Revised bill would require Alaska parents to approve students’ classes, textbooks and lessons

Parents would also have to OK students’ nicknames and pronouns at the start of the school year.
Alaska state senators

To avoid spending from savings, Alaska Senate ponders smaller dividend, shrunken school increase

The full Senate is expected to vote on a draft state budget next week as the legislative session nears its end.
Gov. Mike Dunleavy

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy weighs a statewide sales tax amid broader push for fiscal plan

With four weeks left in the legislative session, the governor advocated quick action during closed-door meetings with legislators.
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Alaska House approves $6.4 billion state spending plan, sends it to Senate for further work

The proposal would cover state services for 12 months starting July 1 and includes a $2,700 PFD but is subject to further negotiation.