James Brooks, Anchorage Daily News


Anticipating a busy election season, Alaska constitutional convention opponents launch early campaign

A new bipartisan group, citing unusual interest in Alaska’s once-per-decade constitutional convention ballot question, has launched a new campaign to convince voters to reject a convention that could significantly change the state’s laws and government.
Two people talk near a board with votes on it

Alaska lawmakers consider $2,600 payment per resident in 2022, but proposals differ in details

Prior attempts have not ended state-paid abortions, which are protected by rulings from the Alaska Supreme Court.
A man wearing a Local 4303 sweatshirt watches a rally on the Capitol steps in Juneau

With Alaska struggling to hire, state legislators consider revived pension plans for public employees

Lawmakers abolished pensions for new employees in 2006 amid a multibillion-dollar shortfall in the pension fund, replacing them with a 401(k)-style retirement system.