Jake Neher, KBRW - Barrow

Jake Neher, KBRW - Barrow
Jake Neher is a reporter at KBRW in Barrow.

Biologists Hard at Work on Whale Census

The International Whaling Commission meetings wrapped up in Jersey, England Thursday, North Slope officials, including Borough Mayor Edward Itta were pleased with the tone of the meetings.

Conservationists Lend Support to Alaska’s Subsistence Whalers

Alaska’s subsistence whalers are winning support from an unlikely faction at this year’s International Whaling Commission meeting: the conservationists.

Alaskans Asked for Feedback on Chukchi Oil Spill Impact Plan

Federal leasing officials are again asking Alaskans to provide feedback on a document that looks at the possible impacts of a very large oil spill in the Chukchi Sea.

National Oceans Council Takes Arctic into Account

The Obama Administration's new National Oceans Council had listening sessions earlier this month in Barrow.

Oceans Council Developing Strategic Action Plans

Residents attended to give their input to the National Oceans Council officials.

Snowy Owl Rehabilitated, Released in Barrow

A snowy owl is settling into its new territory just outside Barrow. The owl was found emaciated in Anchorage late last year. On Tuesday, after more than six months of rehabilitation, it was released back to the wild.

North Slope Gets Full-Time Veterinarian

In most parts of the country, pets owners don't have to worry about having access to a veterinarian. But on Alaska's North Slope, the community has been without the services of a full-time resident vet for about eight years. So many locals were pleasantly surprised when the North Slope Borough Health Department announced recently they had finally filled the position.