Iris Samuels, Anchorage Daily News

Iris Samuels, Anchorage Daily News
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Despite opposition from health care providers, Dunleavy administration repeals longstanding regulation meant to hold down costs

The state argues the rule has also increased the cost of health care over time by incentivizing providers to keep rates high.
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Alaska turned to a private guardianship agency to care for some of its most vulnerable residents. The result: dysfunction and debt.

The Office of Public Advocacy, facing a staffing crisis, relied on a fledgling nonprofit to lighten its caseload. Some transferred clients lost critical benefits.
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State Supreme Court affirms Dunleavy decision that drained fund for Alaska college scholarships

The scholarship programs remain funded through at least June 30, and the budget making its way through the Legislature has money to fund the programs in the next fiscal year.
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Alaska’s lone US House seat will be vacant until September. What happens in the meantime?

Alaska has had no member in the U.S. House since Rep. Don Young died in March. But the office of Alaska at-large is continuing its work for constituents until Young's successor is elected.