Hope McKenney, KUCB - Unalaska

Workers on top of a giant spool of cable

Millions of pounds of fiber cable are en route to Unalaska to bring high speed internet to the region

Nearly 2,000 tons of subsea fiber has begun its journey from Europe to Alaska.
A dirt road under cloudy sky

St. Paul hunkers down following largest spike in COVID cases since start of the pandemic

Roughly half of all coronavirus cases recorded on St. Paul Island have happened in the last two weeks.
A family snapshot of four people sitting on a bed

After tribal court ruling, toddler killed in St. Paul will be buried next to his mother

The boy’s paternal aunt had power of attorney. That side of the family pushed for him to be buried in Anchorage, where he died.
An ice shelf seen from the deck of a ship

A Coast Guard cutter has reached the planet’s southernmost navigable waters, setting a new record

Melting of the Ross Ice Shelf meant the Polar Star could sail into newly navigable waters.
The blocky heads of two right whales poking out of the water on the open seas

Fisherman’s photos could be first visual evidence of North Pacific right whales in the Bering Sea in winter

Right whales are among the rarest of all marine mammal species and have never been documented in the Bering Sea in winter months.
A person standing on sea ice in front of an icebreaker

Nation’s sole heavy icebreaker returns to Antarctica to resupply American scientists

Each year, the crew maneuvers the nearly 400-foot, 13,000-ton icebreaker to cut a channel to McMurdo Station, the U.S. Antarctic Program’s logistics hub.
A bald eagle perched on one of the cranes that lowers a zodiac raft from the side of a ship

Coast Guard cutter returns to California after a nearly 80-day patrol in the Bering Sea

During the Waesche’s most recent patrol, it enforced fishing regulations among Bering Sea fleets and monitored the U.S.-Russian Maritime Boundary Line.
A small todler smiles to the camera near some toys

Family of toddler killed in St. Paul at odds over where to bury him

Family of a St. Paul Island toddler who authorities say died at the hands of his foster parents last month are at odds over where the boy should be buried.
A community at sunset

Unalaska and Kodiak set winter warm weather records

Temperatures in Unalaska soared to 56 degrees on Saturday. And in Kodiak on Sunday, temperatures hit 67 degrees.
A dirt road under cloudy sky

St. Paul couple accused of killing toddler who was in their care

Troopers say after a thorough investigation, they determined the child’s guardians, 31-year-old Steven Melovidov and 28-year-old Sophie Myers-Melovidov, had killed him in their home and attempted to mislead investigators over the course of the investigation.
A plane on the runway.

Fuel shortage and blizzard leave St. George residents rationing heat and water

“Whatever led up to the situation where all the sudden we don't have any fuel in the dead of winter, and with all these storms coming through, is beyond me,” said St. George resident Victor Malavansky. “I would like to say this is totally unacceptable.”
A man stands in the dark on top of a hill with a sign that says 321.

Meet Sean Peters, an Unalaska resident who climbed Bunker Hill more than 300 times this year

Unalaska resident Sean Peters broke his personal record this year by making the one-mile hike up Bunker Hill 321 times. That averages out to more than once a day for every day he’s been on island in 2021.
A dirt road under cloudy sky

St. Paul gets new police chief after its entire department quit over COVID vaccine mandate

The new police chief, Michael Castro, is moving to the remote Alaska island from Utah with his two sons this week.
A man poses for a photograph outside, with a folder in hand.

Unalaska doctor nationally recognized for bringing emergency training to rural Alaska

Dr. Murray Buttner, a family medicine doctor in Unalaska, Buttner, a family medicine doctor and co-medical director of the island’s Iliuliuk Family and Health Services clinic, was named a 2021 Community Star by the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health. The award went to one health care provider in each U.S. state.
An eagle perched on top of boxes.

Unalaska volunteers rescue eagle that ‘decided to go shopping at Alaska Ship Supply’

As staff at a local Unalaska shop opened the back door for a delivery last week, they got an unexpected visitor. An adult female eagle dashed in and headed for the rafters, occasionally swooping down toward the people and merchandise below.
Mountains peak through clouds.

Three volcanoes are erupting across the Aleutian Chain. But scientists aren’t worried.

Three of Alaska's 54 historically-active volcanoes are at elevated alert levels — geologists’ way to say the trio is erupting, but there’s no immediate cause for concern.
man holding dog on his shoulder

Man who died in Anchorage motorcycle crash survived fatal Scandies Rose sinking

A man who died over the weekend in an Anchorage motorcycle crash was one of two survivors of the fatal sinking of the F/V Scandies Rose. That’s according to the Anchorage Daily News.
A plane hangs off a runway over water.

Regulators say bad wiring, lax oversight and poor judgment factored into fatal 2019 crash in Unalaska

The National Transportation Safety Board revealed its findings on Tuesday after a two-year investigation.
Homes clustered in the grass, under a cloud

Power restored in Adak after a nearly weeklong outage closed the local school and city offices

The community of Adak has electricity again after issues at its power plant shut down local operations for nearly a week, according to City Manager Layton Lockett.