Hope McKenney, Alaska's Energy Desk - Unalaska

Hope McKenney, Alaska's Energy Desk - Unalaska
A smoke plume rises behind a subdivision of beige homes.

Aleutian volcano sees first major eruption since 1974

Scientists have downgraded the alert level at Great Sitkin Volcano near the Aleutian Island of Adak following an eruption Tuesday night.
A mpuntain top covered in clouds

Cluster of Aleutian peaks could be single supervolcano, scientists say

If the researchers' suspicions are correct, the newfound volcanic caldera belongs to the same category of volcanoes as the Yellowstone Caldera and others that have had super-eruptions with profound global consequences.
A woman in a white lab coat stands on a stairway

Largely insulated from COVID-19, Unalaska is watching its wastewater for signs of trouble

As part of its mitigation strategies, in July the island began testing its wastewater for traces of COVID-19, mirroring efforts by universities and municipalities across the country.

Remade Ravn Alaska prepares to resume flights to Unalaska

Executives from the company visited Unalaska last week.
Sea urchins on a rock

Without otter predation, sea urchins are decimating Aleutian reefs

Orcas have started targeting sea otters, which normally keep urchin populations in check.
A black and red tender with a white cabin with a hilly spruce tree forest in the background

Coast Guard seeks information from public on deadly 2019 sinking of tender

The F/V Scandies Rose sank on New Year's Eve last year and five crew died.
A outboard boat is upside down next to a large cargo facility.

Unalaska records 120 mph winds during record-breaking August storm

The winds came during a storm from the remnants of Typhoon Bavi.

Unalaska fish processor evacuated hundreds during tsunami warning

Less than half of Unalaska's sirens failed to sound during the recent tsunami warning.

Sand Point’s docks and road damaged in 7.8 quake

The city closed two docks immediately, but an administrator says it looks worse than it is.

A fishing boat docked in Dutch Harbor with 85 COVID-19 cases. Now it’s headed for Seward.

The 34 crew members who tested negative will be flown to Anchorage on chartered planes. Those who tested positive will remain on the boat, which will sail to Seward, then be transported to Anchorage.
Boats at port with mountains in the background

After trawler outbreak, American Seafoods tests crews for COVID-19 as ‘precautionary measure’

After 85 people on an American Seafoods vessel tested positive, the company said it would test crew on its other vessels.

Aleutians West census area has less than 5% response rate as count resumes

Advocates say that if response rates remain low, Alaska stands to miss out on billions of dollars over the next ten years.

Will fiber optic broadband make it to the Aleutians? Decision may depend on USDA grant

The project would connect Unalaska to Kodiak with a fiber optic cable, but GCI says it can't build it unless it receives a $25 million grant from USDA.
Seaweed swaying in the water as seen from below

Sand Point will be home to innovative seaweed farming model

The $99,800 grant will test a new farm design that replicates a natural kelp forest environment in a 10-acre area 12 miles from the community of Sand Point.

Unalaska is researching whether it can use wind power

V3 Energy consultant Doug Vaught anchors a MET tower on Unalaska's Hog Island, with help from environmental planner Kate Arduser. The city is using towers to collect data and determine if Unalaska can produce...