Henry Leasia, KHNS - Haines

Henry Leasia, KHNS - Haines
A ferry at a port

Matanuska ferry crew members test positive for COVID-19

Two crew members aboard the Matanuska tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend after the state ferry left Bellingham for ports in Southeast Alaska, according to state officials.
A ferry at a dock with a mountain in the background at twilight

Haines resident tests COVID-19 positive while traveling with student basketball teams

An individual traveling with Haines High School basketball teams got tested for COVID-19 before departing for a series of away games earlier this week. The positive result of the test came after the girls and boys teams competed in Craig on Tuesday and Wednesday.
a person stands in front of a giant cruise ship

Rep. Don Young looks for workaround on Canada cruise ship ban

U.S. Rep. Don Young introduced legislation on Wednesday that aims to allow large cruise ships to return to Alaska this summer.
Workers in a dirty are

FEMA to assist Southeast Alaska communities with cost of December storm disaster

The Federal Emergency Management Agency announced Feb. 17 that it would provide assistance for the December storm disaster in Southeast Alaska.
A man's hand next to a bear print in the snow

Haines woman braves outhouse encounter with black bear

A bear found its way inside an outhouse, where it ended up biting the bottom of a woman using the toilet.
View of a man descending from a helicopter on to a mountain

Haines man mauled by bear while backcountry snowboarding

The man’s current condition is not known, however, Coast Guard personnel say he was responsive and talking during the rescue.
A cruiste ship pulls into a mountain town

Legislative intern drove to Haines, boarded flight to Juneau after testing positive for COVID-19

A 21-year-old University of Alaska student tested positive for COVID-19 in Anchorage just before he drove to Haines with his mother during the first week of January.
The bow of a white cruise ship

Norwegian Cruise Line cancels early season trips to Alaska

The announcement comes after Holland American and Princess Cruise Lines canceled all cruises to Alaska through mid-May.
Two people wwalk through an avvalanche shoot up a mountain

‘We live in limbo’: Haines residents displaced by landslide seek path to return home

Some Haines residents displaced by the recent landslide say they’re still cut off from their properties and in the dark about what comes next.
Trees eroding from a bluff

Large crack in Haines hillside has geologists worried about more slides

Geologists studying the landslide that swept Beach Road are concerned that more material could break loose. During helicopter flights, they identified a deep crack in the hillside extending south from the crown of the existing slide area.
A truck below a house that is partially on its side and covered with light snow

Crews begin dangerous clean up after catastrophic landslides in Haines

The work of clearing off roads hit by last week's mudslides has been particularly dangerous along Lutak Inlet, where slides swept through homes and left residents stranded without electricity for multiple days.
Tables filled with emergency clothes and supplies in a low-ceilinged room

Haines residents living below Mt. Ripinsky prepare to evacuate as rain continues to fall

More than 50 families have evacuated from their homes, and with no sign of the weather improving, the Borough is warning even more residents to be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice.
A landslide on a mountainside as seen from the air

LISTEN: Haines resident describes rescue after landslide hits neighbors’ houses

Joe Aultman-Moore was eating lunch at home on Wednesday, when a large landslide ripped through his neighborhood in Haines, trapping him and his neighbors in an evacuation zone.
Houses in dirty brown water

In Haines, crews work to clear roads and storm drains, restore power and water treatment

Heavy precipitation, mudslides and flooding have damaged infrastructure across the Haines Borough over the past week. City and state workers are busy protecting and restoring roads, the water supply and the electrical grid.
A black Tlingit designed eagle

Tlingit artist from Juneau designs stamp for US Postal Service

The artwork of a Tlingit artist from Juneau will be featured on a new postage stamp set for distribution next year.
alaska canadian border sig

American travelers cited for violating Canadian COVID-19 restrictions

American travelers on their way to Alaska were found to have been at a restaurant without proper masking and in close contact with others inside the restaurant.
A man in a trump mask holds a sign up through the window of the front half of a blue sedan. The sign says "Uncle Sam I am 1/2 off"

Judge dismisses case against Haines man with epilepsy who drove parade float

The man donned a Donald Trump mask and drove a car that had been cut in half. A week later, local police cited the man, who has a history of seizures, for driving without a license.
alaska canadian border sig

The rules for crossing the Canadian border into Alaska just got even stricter

Starting July 31, people driving to Alaska from the Lower 48 will only be able to enter Canada through one of five border crossings

In Haines, a race to harvest fruit before bears do

Fruit trees are an easy target for black bears, who can become accustomed to easy food in residential areas.

Haines Borough Assembly asks cruise ships to not visit Haines until further notice

Only one cruise line has expressed interest in visiting Haines this summer, but the Assembly voted to request that no ships visit until further notice.