Hanna Craig

Hanna Craig

We Are Marine Acousticians in Glacier Bay | INDIE ALASKA

In Southeast Alaska's Glacier Bay National Park, a crew of six researchers spent the summer studying the underwater communication of humpback whales and harbor seals. Ph.D. students Michelle Fournet and Leanna Matthews teamed up with wildlife biologist Chris Gabriele to better understand the relationship between marine mammal communication and vessel traffic, as part of the park's long-term acoustic marine monitoring program.

INDIE ALASKA: We Are Pulse Dance

Lifelong dancer and choreographer Stephanie Wonchala directs Pulse Dance, a dance company in Anchorage that helps promote dialogue about important issues in Alaska and contributes to creating a thriving Anchorage arts community.

Archiving Alaska’s History | INDIE ALASKA

When old Alaskan film reels find their way from dusty basements to the Alaska Film Archives in Fairbanks, Angie Schmidt's job is to restore and maintain the footage. Having found her own Alaskan adventure through her role as head archivist, Angie holds a deep understanding of Alaska's history and is committed to restoring a collection of 2,000 "Alaska Review" raw tapes.

I Am An Ice Truck Racer

Chris Lamson built his first truck when he was seventeen, and now spends winter weekends racing trucks on Big Lake, Alaska with a community of four-wheeling enthusiasts. He is dedicated to racing and hopes to see the sport grow in Alaska.

Alaskana Pop Art

For this born and raised Alaskan, "Alaskana pop art" is a vehicle for exploring his Alaskan heritage and the modern world at large. This mural installation took place at Anchorage Community Works, a community art and music space in Anchorage, Alaska.

The Wolf Pack

Tim Lescher spends his days caring for the Alaska Zoo animals as if they were his own. But one family of wild canines sits closest to his heart. Having spent two years working at the zoo, Tim now strives to show the public that wolves are friendlier creatures than often portrayed in myth and popular culture.

George the Magpie

"George" is a crowd favorite at the Alaska Zoo. The magpie voluntarily came to the zoo years ago, and was eventually adopted. George now has his own Facebook page and is known for his ability to talk.