Greta Mart, KUCB - Unalaska

Greta Mart, KUCB - Unalaska
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Unalaska ambulance inherited by Chignik

One of Unalaska’s former ambulances will soon be taking a ferry ride to the Alaskan Peninsula town of Chignik. Chignik is an incorporated city in the Lake and Peninsula Borough, home to about 60 permanent residents and hundreds of seasonal workers. Download Audio

Scientists across fields focus on Aleutians

For years, Debbie Corbett was regional archeologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. She retired in 2013 and began freelancing. She also started working on organizing a forum for scientists doing research in any field - as long as it was centered on the Aleutian Islands.

Man pays for plowing into eagles

An Oregon man who willfully drove his truck through a convocation of eagles last summer - killing two - was sentenced this month by an Unalaska judge.

Tarmac meet & greet for Saab 2000

Friday was a day of speeches, fanfare and cockpit tours at the Dutch Harbor Airport. Peninsula Airlines - or PenAir - flew in its new Saab 2000 plane for a tarmac meet-and-greet with the community. At last a bigger, faster plane will be running daily flights to the island halfway through the Aleutian chain. Download Audio

Body of deceased fisherman recovered in Carl E. Moses harbor

Divers recovered the dead body of a fisherman Tuesday evening, less than 12 hours after his captain realized the crewman was missing. Download Audio

Tustumena ferry sailings cancelled in May due to repairs

The Alaska Dept. of Transportation announced Monday that May sailings of the ferry Tustumena are canceled due to unexpected repair work. Download Audio

Pavlof eruption triggers ash cloud advisory

A volcano in southwest Alaska erupted Sunday, sending an ash cloud up to 30,000 feet into the atmosphere. Pavlof Volcano, located at the southern end of the Alaska Peninsula, suddenly began issuing black ash and fountains of lava around 4 p.m.

Pribilof Islands will receive federal disaster aid for December storm

The White House and Federal Emergency Management on Wednesday announced the Pribilof Islands will be receiving federal disaster aid. The funding is intended to help repair widespread damage on St. Paul and St. George Islands from a severe winter storm that blasted across the state in mid-December.

Unalaska residents flock to Museum of the Aleutians open house

Unalaska residents once again filled the galleries of the Museum of the Aleutians Thursday during an open house hosted by the museum's seven board of directors. The museum remains closed to the public, but behind the scenes, a seasoned interim director has been taking stock and setting a new course for the 17-year-old institution. Download Audio

Mysterious diesel fuel spill at Unalaska boat harbor

Local Coast Guard personnel are investigating a diesel fuel spill at the Carl E. Moses boat harbor. The spill was discovered on Monday afternoon, when the crew of a neighboring vessel noticed it and notified the Coast Guard's Dutch Harbor of

Oil spill response barge breaks loose in Unalaska

The 200-foot-long oil spill response barge Ibis, anchored in Iliuliuk Bay for the past several months, came off its mooring Saturday afternoon in rough seas and drifted onto Front Beach, requiring a coordinated response effort.

Unalaska artist featured on BBC series

When writer and historian Ray Hudson was contacted by a BBC producer and asked to select a work of art from Alaska to write an essay about, he chose Unalaska artist Carolyn Reed’s drawing “Touching Fire.”

Less fatalities, more safety for Alaska’s commercial fishing industry

Commercial fishing in Alaska was once known as one of the deadliest professions. It's still pretty dangerous, but the number of fatalities each year is trending downward.

Unalaska man makes good on 2015 New Year’s resolution

Unalaska's Josh Good made an ambitious new year's resolution last January - to kayak for at least 30 minutes on 300 days during 2015. Download Audio

Aleutian Islands Pacific cod harvest level down 42 percent

Last week Alaska Fish and Game set the Pacific cod guideline harvest level (GHL) for the fishing season that began on Jan. 1. Dutch Harbor Fish and Game biologist Justin Leon says the 2016 numbers are a big change from last year.

Adak sifts through aftermath of disastrous storm

A major storm ripped through the Aleutian Chain over the weekend, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. It was less severe than expected in some areas -- like Unalaska and St. Paul Island -- and more severe in others, like Adak. Download Audio

Bering storm skips Unalaska, topples Atka playground

The storm that meteorologists warned could be bigger than 2014's Typhoon Nuri turned out to be less severe than predicted. At least in Unalaska.
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Aspiring business owners gear up for Aleutian Marketplace Competition

During the month of January, a non-profit program dedicated to nurturing small businesses is offering cost-free application reviews for the 2016 Aleutian Marketplace Competition.

Unalaska museum closes during search for new staff

Unalaska's Museum of the Aleutians will be closed for the foreseeable future. The museum's board of directors has decided to keep the museum closed while the board conducts a search for a new executive director, collections manager and education programs director.

Unalaska hears on community-driven brownfield reclamation

Out of more than 7,400 contaminated sites around Alaska, a hundred are in Unalaska and Dutch Harbor. That's among the highest concentration of contaminated sites in the state, besides Adak.