Geoff Brumfiel - NPR

Geoff Brumfiel - NPR
the National Ignition Facility

U.S. reaches a fusion power milestone. Will it be enough to save the planet?

For the first time ever in a laboratory, researchers were able to generate more energy from fusion reactions than they used to start the process.
A woman seen in profile, with her shadow cast on the side of a house

Their mom died of COVID. They say conspiracy theories are what really killed her.

Stephanie was usually careful about her health and regular vaccinations. But then she got into sharing far-out videos and fringe ideas. When COVID hit, misinformation put her and her husband at risk.
An aerial view of a cloud of smoke over an island.

NASA scientists estimate Tonga blast at 10 megatons

Researchers who have been studying the volcano since 2015 say it was likely caused by seawater flowing into a chamber filled with magma.

Inside the growing alliance between anti-vaccine activists and pro-Trump Republicans

But as America heads into midterm elections next year, the political right and the anti-vaccine movement are drawing ever-closer together. It's an alliance that promises to give both sides more power, but the cost is potentially thousands of American lives.