Francesca Fenzi, KNOM - Nome

Francesca Fenzi, KNOM - Nome
Francesca is a reporter at KNOM in Nome.

Surveyors Climb Denali to Recalcuate Its Height

A dispute over the height of North America’s tallest mountain may be resolved this week, as surveyors climb to the top of Mount McKinley. Download Audio

Miners Bid Farewell To West Beach

Today marks the final deadline to vacate one of Nome’s more infamous housing projects.

Chinook Closures Impede Summer Chum Subsistence

Summer chum and Chinook salmon have begun their runs along the Yukon River. Wildlife managers and fishermen met via teleconference yesterday to discuss river conditions and the salmon’s progress upstream. Community members reported summer chum as far upriver as Huslia and Ruby, with Chinook salmon fast on their heels.

Net Restrictions on the Yukon Aim to Preserve Kings

Summer chum and Chinook salmon have begun their runs along the Yukon River.

NOAA Survey Ships Depart For Arctic

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration officially launched its Arctic survey season in Alaska yesterday. Two research ships, Ranierand Fairweather, will set out from Kodiak to chart the underwater and shoreline topography of the Arctic Ocean. Download Audio:

Three People Ill After Eating Fermented Seal Flipper

Three people have contracted botulism after eating separate batches of fermented seal flipper in Koyuk over the weekend.

Chinook Researchers Encounter Unlikely Predator In Bering Sea

While studying Chinook salmon in the Bering Sea, researchers have found themselves in the wake of an unlikely killer.

Cessna 185 Makes Emergency Landing In Nome

A privately-owned Cessna 185 airplane made an emergency landing at Nome’s City Field airport on Thursday afternoon. Download Audio

Cim Smyth Wins The Kobuk 440

In the early hours of Easter morning, the first mushers arrived into Kotzebue at the end of the Kobuk 440 sled dog race. The first place title and more than $11,000 purse went to Cim Smyth of Big Lake, who arrived just past 6 o’clock on Sunday morning – after 2 days 18 hours and 4 minutes on the trail. Download Audio

More Than Half Of Bering Strait Women Report Experiencing Violence In Their Lifetime

A recent study reveals that 51 percent of women in the Nome Census area have experienced intimate partner violence, sexual violence — or both — during their lifetimes. Download Audio

Iditabike Racers Reach Nome

In Nome, onlookers welcomed the first racers off the Iditarod trail on Monday – but not for the iconic sled dog race, these racers had wheels.

Federal Subsistence Board Seeks Change To Rural Determination Process

What makes a community rural? That’s a question the Federal Subsistence Board has grappled with for years. In past policy, the board weighed population size against factors like industrial development and infrastructure. But, ultimately, the definition of rural has been slippery in Alaska, where many communities exist outside the developed road system.

Crude Price Drop Unlikely To Affect Fuel Prices In Western Alaska

Oil prices continue to fall, with Brent crude around $56 per barrel and gasoline dipping below $3 per gallon around the state. But even as crude prices plummet, rural Alaskans are unlikely to see major savings this winter. Sean Thomas, the vice president of energy and shipping corporation Crowley Maritime, said western Alaska’s unique geography contributes to static fuel prices in the region.

FAA Proposes Nome Beacon Decommissioning

The Federal Aviation Administration is conducting a study on a navigational beacon at the Nome Airport, with the intention of decommissioning the technology.

Caribou, Reindeer Compete For Space On The Seward Peninsula

For decades, caribou have posed a threat to reindeer herders on the Seward Peninsula — their numbers swelling, even as the reindeer population shrinks. Now, a new front has developed in the turf war between reindeer and caribou. Download Audio