Stephanie Joyce, APRN Contributor

Stephanie Joyce, APRN Contributor

Slower Internet Likely to Persist in Rural Alaska

A major reform announced last month by the Federal Communications Commission promises to extend high-speed internet access to people in rural areas across the country.

NPFMC Considers Requiring Active Participation for Crab Fishery

Who should profit from the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands crab fisheries? That was the big question at the North Pacific Fishery Management Council meeting over the weekend.

Rudder Repaired, Vessel Headed For Unalaska

Technicians have temporarily repaired the rudder of the 656-foot cargo vessel Morning Cedar. The vessel was en route from Vancouver, Canada to Japan with a load of packaged timber when a hydraulic leak left it without steering. It’s been adrift in the western Bering Sea, north of Adak, since Monday.

Former Garden Ornament Offers Insight Into Unangan Culture

A stone that was used as a garden ornament for the last 50 years may turn out to be one of the most important archaeological finds in Aleutian history, offering new insights into Unangan culture.

AK: ‘Host a Coastie’ an Unalaska Hit

A few years ago in Unalaska a new Turkey day tradition was born. It was Mayor Shirley Marquardt’s idea and she gave it catchy name: Host a Coastie.

Bristol Bay Season Echoes Derby Days

10 years ago a Bristol Bay red king crab fisherman could head out for three or four days and come home with a year’s salary in his pocket. After the fishery was rationalized, it seemed unlikely that was ever going to happen again. Until this year.

Potentially Explosive Containers Cause Unalaska Shipyard Shut Down

The Horizon Lines shipyard in Unalaska shut down on Sunday over worker concerns about potentially explosive refrigerated containers.

Rebecca Irene Safe After Storm

After weathering a stormy night, the fishing vessel Rebecca Irene is on its way back to Unalaska. The 140-foot catcher-processor lost power in one engine on Tuesday morning, leaving it stranded in open ocean as the massive weather front hitting western Alaska moved in.

Coast Guard Evacuates 20 From Rebecca Irene

The Coast Guard has evacuated most the crew of the 140-foot catcher-processor Rebecca Irene. The ship contacted the Coast Guard early Tuesday morning to report that they had lost power in one engine and had limited propulsion.

FCC Ruling Extends Broadband to Rural Areas

The creation of a fund specifically intended to improve rural Internet service seems like it would be a good thing for Alaska. But the decision is less-than-popular with Alaska’s telecommunications companies.

Despite Quota Cuts, Red King Crab Prices Soar

Less is more this season for Bristol Bay red king crab. The fishery’s quota was cut in half, but the price has soared.

NTSB Concludes Investigation of F/V Katmai Sinking

The investigation into the sinking of the Fishing Vessel Katmai is officially over. The National Transportation Safety Board released their report on the disaster, and it concluded that the boat had a number of stability problems that made it unable to withstand extreme storm conditions in the Bering Sea. As a result, seven lives were lost when the head-and-gut vessel flooded in 2008.

New Airline Offering Service in Southwest Alaska

PenAir dominates air travel in southwestern Alaska, but now a new airline is jumping into the mix, albeit on a small scale.

Officials Suggest Sinking Rat Infested Ship

The stateless drift-netting vessel Bangun Perkasa is under siege in the Port of Dutch Harbor. Local officials and Alaska Senator Mark Begich are calling for the Coast Guard to scuttle the boat, even as rat elimination efforts get underway.

Coast Guard Intercepts Vessel Suspected of Illegal Drift Netting

A stateless fishing vessel suspected of illegally drift-netting in high seas is being escorted into Dutch Harbor this weekend. The Coast Guard intercepted the Bangun Perkasa in mid-September.

AK: Music Lessons

But this isn’t your typical after school trip to your piano teacher’s house. In small town Alaska, finding the right music teacher can take a little ingenuity. And for one family in Petersburg, it meant thinking inside the box… you know that little high tech box that you probably spend way too much time on?