Stephanie Joyce, APRN Contributor

Stephanie Joyce, APRN Contributor

Scientists Spot Lava Flows At Cleveland And Pavlof

Scientists at the Alaska Volcano Observatory were able to get clear views of two restless volcanoes today. The images show that both Cleveland Volcano in the Aleutian Islands and Pavlof Volcano on the Alaska Peninsula are oozing lava.

Two Bering Sea Catch Processors Accused Of Tampering With Scales

Two Bering Sea groundfish catcher-processor vessels have been accused of tampering with the scales used to weigh their harvest. As KUCB’s Stephanie Joyce reports, the alleged violations carry hefty penalties for the vessels’ parent company, American Seafoods. Download Audio

APICDA Searches For Ferry To Serve Pribilof Islands

The Pribilof Islands of St. Paul and St. George are just 45 miles apart, but getting between them can be challenging because of limited flight service, and the area’s notoriously foggy weather. This summer, a regional community development group is hoping to solve that problem by contracting a ferry to run between the islands. But, finding a suitable vessel has proved challenging. Download Audio

Police Break Up Eagle Party at Unalaska Safeway

A flock of eagles descended on the Safeway parking lot last week, prompting police intervention. Public Safety Director Jamie Sunderland says several people called in short succession on Thursday afternoon to report the melee. Download Audio

Cleveland Eruption Continues

Cleveland Volcano continues to be active, with two additional blasts shaking the volcano on Sunday evening, and Monday morning. Neither explosion produced ash clouds large enough to interfere with air traffic transiting the region. Listen Now

Fisherman Dies After Falling Overboard Near King Cove

A crew member from the 42-foot F/V Taurus died after falling overboard near King Cove Friday morning. A Good Samaritan vessel found the deceased, but the Coast Guard isn’t releasing the crew member’s name or any details about the incident until next of kin have been notified.

Fish Processor Ships Live Crab Out Of Dutch Harbor

It pays not to kill crab. Or at least that’s what Unalaska’s smallest fish processor is banking on for a new business venture. Listen for Full Story

Icicle Calls It Quits in Adak

Just two years after reopening, the seafood processing plant in Adak is shutting down. Icicle Seafoods didn’t return calls for comment, but in a press release, CEO Amy Humphreys cites regulatory uncertainty as the deciding factor.

Alaska Film Subsidy Draws Legislative Scrutiny

If you watched the season premiere of "Deadliest Catch" last week, you might have noticed a line in the credits acknowledging the Alaska Film Office’s contribution to the show. Download Audio

Illegal Russian Crab Exports Surge in 2012

After several years of steady declines, illegal crab fishing in Russia spiked in 2012. The resulting glut of crab hurt Alaskan prices, and reignited concerns about how to combat the illegal harvest.

Unalaska Prepares For Bird Blitz

Every spring, Unalaska prepares to do battle with the national bird. Eagles become territorial when they nest, and that sometimes leads to attacks on unsuspecting pedestrians. This year, the city tried to preempt the bird blitz by destroying the nest of a particularly combative pair. But as KUCB’s Stephanie Joyce reports, the eagles weren’t so easily thwarted. Download Audio

Federal Spending Cuts Curb Alaska Volcano Monitoring

The Alaska Volcano Observatory is joining the list of agencies that have announced cutbacks in response to the massive federal spending cuts known as sequestration. AVO will stop maintaining its seismic networks on some remote volcanoes.

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Adak Builds Case For Ferry Service

The Aleutian community of Adak wants ferry service. In a resolution passed last month, the city council asked the state marine highway system to consider sending a ferry out to the community at least once a year. Download Audio

Scientists Map Arctic Shipping Possibilities

Arctic shipping could be possible for unescorted, open-water vessels by mid-century.

Treadwell Announces Arctic Marine Shipping Study

Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell announced yesterday a $200,000 multi-year study of Arctic marine shipping. He told a meeting of the Arctic Parliamentarians in Washington, D.C. the project will be conducted by the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. The state Department of Commerce will pay for the research.

Kulluk Arrives In Unalaska

Shell’s damaged Kulluk drill rig has arrived in Unalaska, a week after leaving Kodiak. The rig will towed to its specialized dock in Captain's Bay later this afternoon.

St. George Harbor Project Progresses

After decades of lobbying and planning, a project to overhaul the boat harbor on St. George Island is finally moving forward. The state is accepting bids for the project design, and hopes to have fully developed construction plans by 2015.

Icicle’s Adak Plant To Take Summer Hiatus

Icicle Seafoods’ Adak plant won’t be processing fish this summer. Icicle didn’t respond to multiple interview requests, but the company’s plant manager told the Adak city council last month that the plant wouldn’t be operating because generating power is too expensive during the slower fishing months.

Shell Suspending 2013 Arctic Drilling Season

With both of Shell Oil’s Arctic drill rigs headed to drydock for repairs, the company says it’s suspending its 2013 drilling season. Spokesperson Curtis Smith says the New Year’s Eve grounding of the Kulluk drill rig prompted Shell to reassess its plans.

Nick Golodoff, Author of “Attu Boy,” Dies at 77

Nick Golodoff, author of the book Attu Boy, passed away earlier this month at the age of 77. His memoir about the World War II internment of the Aleut village by the Japanese brought attention to one of the most obscure corners of American history.