Erin McKinstry, Alaska's Energy Desk - Sitka

A line coming up to a boat attached to some buoys with kelp hanging down

In Alaska, interest in kelp farming is on the rise, but bureaucracy’s still catching up

Before kelp farmers can put lines in the water, kelp farmers have to apply for state and federal permits, which include opportunities for public comment. The whole process can take up to two years, and a lot of money, time and expertise
Two peopl on a small skiff help untangle a whale

Residents rally to free entangled humpback near Tenakee Springs

Residents of Tenakee Springs were awoken in the middle of the night to a plaintive whale cry and quickly mobilized to save the trapped cetacean.
A pile of sawdust in a muddy parking lot

In a quest for cheaper energy, Kake turns to biomass heating

After looking through available renewable energy sources like solar and wind, the village of Kake turned to a resource that is readily available on the Southeast panhandle: wood.