Erin McKinstry - KCAW

Erin McKinstry - KCAW
Stacks of silver canisters and kegss sit around a crowded warehouse along with ladders, tools, and a garage door in the back.

In the middle of a pandemic, brewery opening brings craft beer to Sitka

Another brewery in Sitka closed down last fall after a decade in business.
A woman in a woven hat holds a skin drum in the air as people in hard hats look on.

CARES Act money helps Tribes address affordable housing and homelessness

Congress appropriated $100 million earlier this year to help Tribes cope with housing and sanitation issues during the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID cases climb in small, isolated community of Yakutat

The City and Borough of Yakutat, with a population of around 600, reported four new coronavirus cases over the weekend.

Gil Truitt, Tlingit elder and revered school administrator, dead at 93

Truitt worked at Mount Edgecumbe High School for 30 years.

After dog gets sick, a reminder that Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning isn’t just for humans

A veterinarian said that there have been at least four cases of PSP in dogs since August of last year.

Instead of guiding this summer, seasonal workers are helping with COVID-19 testing at Sitka’s airport

Workers planning on working glamorous jobs guiding in Alaska's have stayed indoors to help with COVID-19 testing.