Emily Olson - NPR

Emily Olson - NPR

What to know about the political debate around daylight saving time

At least 29 states have considered legislation related to daylight saving time, including making it permanent year-round.
a whale

How Alaska wildlife officials saved a humpback whale found ‘hogtied’ to a 300-pound crab pot

Two Southeast Alaska residents first spotted the whale on Oct. 10 off the coast of Gustavus, which is surrounded by Glacier Bay National Park.
a clock

Six things to know about the political debate around daylight saving time

In recent years, lawmakers have talked as if the timeworn twice-annual tradition might be on its last legs.
a hike in a rainjacket, wet from the rain

They logged on to watch the famous fat brown bears. They saved a hiker’s life instead.

A hiker wandered into view of a Katmai National Park bear camera last week, mouthing the words "help me."
a full moon in a dark sky

It’s big! It’s bright! It’s a rare blue supermoon! Here’s how to check it out.

The Earth's lunar sidekick will appear extra big and bright as it reaches its fullest stage on Wednesday.
a black bear

‘Hank the Tank,’ the bear behind 21 home invasions, has been captured near Lake Tahoe

A large black bear who is believed to be a notorious bandit and a hungry, uninvited houseguest was apprehended by wildlife biologists on Friday.
Donald Trump

5 things to know about the latest charges against Donald Trump

If Trump, the current GOP presidential front-runner, pleads not guilty his trial could take place as he makes his case for the White House.
a bridge

What we know about Travis King, the U.S. soldier who crossed into North Korea

King had just served two months in prison for an assault in South Korea, and was being transferred to the U.S. for disciplinary action.
Chicago wildfire haze

Air quality plummets as Canadian wildfire smoke stretches across the Midwest

Smoke from wildfires in Canada is again blanketing parts of the U.S. with a thick haze that's prompting air quality warnings in several states.
a U.S. Coast Guard officer

All 5 passengers aboard Titan sub are dead after a ‘catastrophic implosion’

All five passengers aboard the missing Titan submersible have died following a "catastrophic implosion of the vessel," the U.S. Coast Guard said Thursday.
a Coast Guardsman

Here’s the latest on the missing Titanic sub and the race to rescue those inside

As of Tuesday afternoon, rescue crews were searching the North Atlantic for a submersible that was taking five people to the Titanic's shipwreck.
a man holds a bison

Tourist pleads guilty for handling a Yellowstone bison calf, leading to its death

The Hawaii resident was charged with one count of intentionally disturbing wildlife after he tried to help a baby bison return to its herd. Park rangers later had to euthanize the abandoned animal.
student loan borrowers

Is the debt deal changing student loan repayment? Here’s what you need to know

The U.S. House will vote Wednesday on a deal to raise the nation's debt ceiling — but it doesn't touch on student loan forgiveness.
a Starship rocket

SpaceX’s massive rocket Starship explodes 4 minutes after liftoff

SpaceX's Starship rocket failed to separate from its booster, exploding four minutes after liftoff during an inaugural test flight on Thursday.
a man in a red tie and suit jacket

5 key takeaways from the Trump indictment news

Former President Donald Trump has been indicted by a New York grand jury. District Attorney Alvin Bragg's office said it has contacted Trump's attorney "to coordinate his surrender" for arraignment.
a Russian fighter jet

The U.S. military releases footage of Black Sea drone crash with Russian jet

Declassified footage shows two Russian fighter jets flying near a U.S. drone over the Black Sea and, the Pentagon says, colliding with it.
Buffalo snowstorm

At least 50 people have died across the U.S. in ‘once-in-a-generation storm’

A massive winter storm that's killed about 50 people across the U.S. is expected to claim more lives as the frigid weather continues into the week.
a man with a snowmachine

A severe arctic storm could threaten holiday travel across the U.S.

Bitter cold, biting wind and heavy snow are expected across the U.S. this week, forecasters say, imposing treacherous travel conditions just days before Christmas.