Emily Feng - NPR

Emily Feng - NPR
a damaged building

Taiwan emerges remarkably unscathed after massive earthquake

The day after the Asian island's worst quake in a quarter century, most residents cannot stop talking about how much worse it could have been.
a rescue

Taiwan is hit by its strongest earthquake in nearly 25 years

At least nine people died in the 7.4 magnitude quake, which collapsed buildings and created a tsunami that washed ashore in southern Japan.
a Chinese balloon

The Chinese balloon saga could be part of a new space race closer to Earth

U.S. defense officials say they believe the downed balloon was part of a fleet Beijing has deployed over 40 countries.
An aerial view of the Olympic village

China’s Olympics aim to keep COVID at bay with armpit sensors, robots and more

Athletes and other attendees will be in a closed "loop" with strict rules about everything from daily testing for athletes to how spectators should respond — no cheering out loud, please!