Emily Kwong, KCAW - Sitka

Emily Kwong, KCAW - Sitka

AK: Heated by hot springs, Tenakee Springs Museum tells community’s story

The Tenakee Springs Museum is filled with pieces of the town's fishing and canning past, as well as stone tools and other household items from the Tlingit people who first inhabited the land.

With election of Dunleavy, is climate action team out in the cold?

In September, a group of Alaskans handed Governor Bill Walker a 37-page playbook of policy ideas for climate change. Their plan now hangs in limbo.

Problem ‘Ender Cards’ create election headache for Sitka House race

The outcome of Sitka’s House District is in question following a technical failure with a key element of the voting machines. The error was widespread across Southeast. Listen now

Sitkans tell Roadless Rule committee that best action is ‘no action’

Over half of the Tongass National Forest is federally protected from road construction. The so-called “Roadless Rule” has been in place since 2001, and the subject of nearly-continuous litigation since then. But now, the state has petitioned the Forest Service to craft an Alaska-specific rule that would make way for economic development in the Tongass. Listen now

Sitka police officer files sexual harassment lawsuit

The case, which is the second lawsuit filed against the department in less than two months, raises questions about workplace culture for women within the Sitka Police Department.

When Sitka’s public assistance office closed, pantries shouldered need

Earlier this year, the state re-opened Sitka’s public assistance office — to the relief of many. When the office was closed, the welfare caseload became severely backlogged. Listen now

AK: For Tlingit-Unangax artist Nicholas Galanin, first retrospective a lifetime in the making

Nicholas Galanin strives to create fearlessly. The Tlingit artist works in multiple mediums from his home in Sitka, and has made a name for himself in the indigenous art world. Listen now

Chelan celebrates 40 years of bringing produce to Southeast

For the past 40 years, Dave Kensinger and his wife Mona Christian have been running Chelan Produce Co., bringing fruits and vegetables to Petersburg and Sitka on alternating weekends in summertime. Listen now

After four-day shore leave, confused sea lion returned to sea

Biologists successfully returned a Steller sea lion to Sitka’s waters on Monday, after it spent the weekend wandering down roads and into woods. Listen now

Sitka salmon fleet to Governor Walker: “Don’t sign a bad treaty”

Sitka’s salmon fishermen are worried about the state’s strategy for renegotiating the Pacific Salmon Treaty. That’s the document between the United States and Canada that allocates the king salmon harvest across borders and expires at the end of the year. Listen now

Two men deceased after Katlian Bay plane crash

One person is dead and another missing after a small plane crashed during a weekend sightseeing trip north of Sitka. Listen now

AK: The tucked-away Icy Waves Surf Shop on the island of Yakutat

Summer is here and with it, the siren call of the ocean waves. That’s certainly the case in Yakutat, home of the Icy Waves Surf Shop. Listen now

Kreiss-Tomkins backs funding for NOAA research, Sitka harbors

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, is based in Washington state. But Sitka Representative Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins wants to see NOAA’s Alaska-focused staff, programs and assets relocated closer to home. Listen now

Sitka herring fishery closes early, 8,300 tons short of quota

The Sitka sac roe herring fishery has shut down early this year, falling 8,330 tons short of this year’s guideline harvest level. Listen now

The Cost of Cold: Staying Warm in Sitka

Richard Parmelee warms his house with vegetable oil, donated by a local Chinese restaurant and McDonalds. Listen now

AK: Staying power: world-class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor comes to Sitka

In the world of martial arts, the name Gracie is a major heavyweight. The Gracie family is synonymous with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and brought the sport to the United States over 40 years ago. A student of the Gracie family brought his teachings from Brazil to a local gym in Sitka. Listen now

Fishermen’s network creates map of ocean floor to reduce bycatch

The Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association is nearing completion of a bathymetric map to help local fishermen catch more efficiently. The map was made possible through a network of small boat fishermen that have spent the past decade gathering data on the bottom of the sea floor. Listen now

AK: Sitka students flex their performance muscles at state DDF tournament

While the Olympics come to a close in PyeongChang this weekend, another competition is underway at East Anchorage High School. That’s where over 100 students and their coaches have gathered for the state’s annual “Drama, Debate, and Forensics” Championship. Listen now

Sitka sewer emergency required “all hands on deck”

The City of Sitka dealt with a messy situation Friday when a vital part of the sewer system failed. Listen now

Outcome of Board of Fisheries decisions on Southeast salmon, herring

Southeast Alaska’s marathon Board of Fisheries meeting Tuesday night came to a close in Sitka. A handful of regulations for fishing have changed, while others did not pass muster.