Elyssa Loughlin, Alaska Public Media - Anchorage

Inside the permafrost tunnel, a walkway that is framed on all sides by frozen dirt, two people wearing hard hats examine ice formations.

White House officials are working directly with Alaskans on the issues around climate change

As national interest in the Arctic grows, White House officials visit Alaska to learn more about the issues Alaskans endure in the face of climate change.
A teacher in a gray sweater leans over to assist a student wearing a black shirt in an elementary school classroom.

Anchorage school communities grapple with potential closures

Birchwood ABC is one of Anchorage School District's top performing schools, but it's also one of six schools the district may close due to a budget deficit.
On a TBV set, a woman visible on a screen has a conversation with a woman sitting at a desk in-studio.

ReVision Alaska – A Series Retelling Alaska’s Stories | Alaska Insight

National headlines often approach Alaska through the language of loss and crisis, painting residents of passive victims of systemic racism, climate change, or historical trauma. A new series from KTOO, ReVision Alaska, approaches the challenges facing Alaska through the eyes of those working on solutions.
A 50th anniversary copy of the Alaska State Constitution sits on the top of a table.

What you need to know about the constitutional convention question

Questions about the permanent fund dividend, Alaska’s fiscal woes, and abortion access have some advocating to vote "yes" on the once a decade ballot question: "Shall there be a Constitutional Convention?"
Closeup of a child using an ulu to clean a salmon.

With the salmon collapse on the Yukon River, families are losing a vital food source and way of life

During the second year of a sudden salmon collapse on the Yukon River, residents of traditional villages are facing food insecurity and a loss of culture.