Ed Ronco, KPLU - Seattle

Ed Ronco, KPLU - Seattle
Ed Ronco is a reporter at KCAW in Sitka.

Pelican Struggles with Absent Fish Economy: Part III

Today, we conclude a three-part series on the Chichagof Island city of Pelican.

Pelican Struggles with Absent Fish Economy: Part Two

In the last 10 years, the economy of the Chichagof Island community of Pelican has faltered and the city has lost half its residents.

Pelican Struggles with Absent Fish Economy: Part One

The Chichagof Island city of Pelican has long prided itself on being “closest to the fish.” Its placement in Lisianski Inlet made it an ideal spot for fishermen to drop off their catch and quickly head back out to the fishing grounds.

Sheldon Jackson Campus Hosts Sitka Fine Arts Camp

Sitka Fine Arts Camp is underway on the campus of the former Sheldon Jackson College. The opening of camp earlier this month is just the latest step in the transformation of a campus that, just four years ago, faced an uncertain future.

Former Mayor of Sitka Ben Grussendorf Dies of Illness

Ben Grussendorf, a former speaker of the Alaska House of Representatives and a former mayor of Sitka, died Friday morning after a brief illness. He was 69.

Investigation Looms as Park, Center Part Ways

The Southeast Alaska Indian Cultural Center is parting ways with the National Park Service. The cultural center has been located in a wing of the visitor center at Sitka National Historical Park for 42 years.

Fuel On Its Way to Kake

A fuel barge is on its way to Kake today, where residents dealt with a gasoline shortage over the weekend.

Sitka Coast Guard Air Stations First Commanding Officer Comes Back for Visit

A man named David Irons was among the hundreds of cruise ship passengers in Sitka last week. But instead of heading for the National Park, downtown stores, or other popular attractions, Irons went straight to the Coast Guard air station. 34 years ago, he was in charge of the place, as its first-ever commanding officer.